I would love to be a part of it

I would love to be in this school. No, this is not a scene from mythological, historical ruins but an unique modern international school. The school “Rishi Valley School” is a modern Gurukulam based on Jiddu Krishnamurthy‘s principles.

Classes are held in open on stone benches. There are no day scholars and the teachers too live in the campus. There are many international students at all levels and a long queue to get into the school.

Isn’t that interesting ? I have written a detailed post about it here and I get too many queries for admission as if I am related to it in some way. 😀 But they don’t get disappointed, I guide them suitably.

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20 thoughts on “I would love to be a part of it

  1. Webradio,
    Merci beaucoup. C’est vrai. Cette école est unique à bien des égards. 🙂

    Je vous remercie beaucoup de votre visite.

    Yes, it is.

  2. The benches don’t look that comfortable though! 😆

    No, seriously, this school is quite unique and I would to teach there… or attend some classes.

  3. 🙂 true – it was an experience when i visited this place some time back.. and we took snaps sitting @ the very same place you have clicked 🙂

    I wish I could send my future kids to this school.. this is the kind of education I want my kids to get…

  4. My children, Mitali and Sameer studied in RV. My wife and i used to visit RV often and fell in love with RV. I wish i had studied in RV. We never felt that Mitali and Sameer were missing anything by living in a boarding school. It was like a home away from home.

  5. Read both the posts..have been here before and it is lovely..Ive also done a story for a TV channel more than 8 years ago on a vedic gurukulam which is outskirts of bangalore on the banks of the river cauvery..your post reminded me of the time i stayed there when I saw dawn break in the mountains and the students get ready..in fact, they also have regular classes

  6. Indeed a beautiful classroom. I think he loved nature so all his aashrams have been in laps of Mother Nature. I remember reading about this aashram in California, same thing, it was in mountains away from the cities.. so blissful if must be.

    What are the benefits of sitting under a banyan tree for meditation or just otherwise? I wonder.

  7. As an ex-student ( I was there for about seven years) I often find myself in the position of having to demystify Rishi Valley.

    It is not a ‘gurukulam’. Despite it’s location and it’s ideals, it is an entirely functional ICSE and ISC Board Certificate school. There is no guru -student relation between students.

    Classes are not held on stone benches as a matter of course. We have lovely, well equipped class rooms. Classes are occasionally held outdoors, when there’s a discussion ongoing that might disturb other classes, or when the weather’s just too nice to be indoors.

    The pictures you’ve taken, which are lovely, are of an area around a large banyan tree on campus. To my knowledge, in the ten years that I lived in and visited the school, classes haven’t been held there, though we’ve had open dance performances under the tree, as well as plays, until falling branches made it hazardous. There used to be a cement platform under the tree, where we could play, but it’s been removed since the roots of the tree are being treated with special soil to improve it’s health and hopefully, prevent it from dying.

    While I am happy that many people are interested in the institution, a lot of people call it an ‘ashram’ or a ‘gurukul’. In truth, it is a school, albeit a very unusual one. There is no ‘spiritual’, religious or other training, indoctrination, lecturing, and so on.


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