Igatpuri – Day Two

Second day- Second day was reserved for Bhandhardhara Dam & Randha falls. Woke up early morning & went for a short walk around the resort. It has a beautiful view of hills and railway tracks/tunnel. After coming back found others still sleeping. The late night party effect was still there. That Belgian little girl was not ready to leave the bed. She was still in her time zone.

So our second day started quite late.. around 11 AM. We proceeded towards Bhandhardhara & Randha falls via national highway NH3 to Nasik.

On our way we crossed a small town called Ghoti. Because of traffic jam it took us more than one hour to cross that town of half a kilometer stretch. Sitting inside the vehicle I didn’t have any work except to click some pictures.

I was amused to see deities getting sold on a handcart for as less as Rs 25/- on Diwali day.

One good thing about roads is that for some stretch, the roads are excellent on the highway to Nasik. On way to Bhandhardhara, everywhere signboards in Marathi for safety measures like “Ghaai nahi, chinta nahi” & “Thambu naka, Pudhe chala” welcomed us. I felt something good about Indian roads.

We’ll have to make another trip to see Bhandhardhara falls in full flow. The dam is called Wilson dam and it had closed just two days back. We were not allowed to go near it. The pictures are of dried dam. 🙁

Anyhow, proceeded towards Randha falls. Randha falls also didn’t have much water but we could play in it. Tried to catch fish / tadpoles by bare hands. It was a relief on a hot sunny afternoon.

One interesting thing happened here. How we assume things and what role cultural difference plays !!
At the hotel, we were told that we can have fun in water. So, we females had worn our swimsuits underneath our clothes. I have a special one piece swimsuit (not the v-type, slightly longer one) only for this kind of Indian outdoor activities.

However, after reaching there, we saw many local females bathing in full clothes. That somewhat made us think. I was familiar with this but the Belgian lady was quite amused to see those locals bathing with full clothes on and drying themselves on the rocks. Nevertheless, we started removing our outer layers. She came to me and asked quietly if it was alright if she also removes her clothes. Little did I know she was in her skimpy two piece bikini suit !

Came back exhausted.
Since it was Diwali night, hotel people made Rangoli in front of each room and put some diyas. Again there was a party, some games & fireworks at night. Not going to show any pictures of that. Nothing exciting about it. Played some games. The dress code was blue & white. I wore a dark blue silk kurti with white trousers.

Glossary – Ghaai nahi, chinta nahi = No hurry, no worry
Thambu naka, Pudhe chala = Don’t wait, move ahead
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8 thoughts on “Igatpuri – Day Two

  1. nice photos… its getting hot and hotter in B’lore now a days… time to head for a water-falls… 🙂

    ps; good that you gave the glossary, I was about to ask the meaning 🙂

  2. I was about to repeat the Q which Ajeya asked here…yeah…forgot for a minute that you are lady with detail oriented streak.

    Loved the first pic…amazing burst of color on “thela”…
    and the water fall pic made me feel like putting my head down there to get the gush of water flow…!!
    So is there a last sequel to this trip….!
    ps – are you hiding something from us….what happened to visit to Sula vinyard…and did you all get drunk…lol…!! I am all ears….:-)

  3. Prashanth,
    Thanks. Yes, it is time to head for a cooler place.

    Yes, I too like this photo very much.
    Well, to click this one I risked my limbs, craned my neck. 🙂

    There was not much water. I guess rainy season would be the best to go there.

    Thank you.
    Hmmm.. no comments.

    Yeah, the picture is very colourful. lol… so you also know the word ‘thela’ 😀

    what happened to visit to Sula vinyard… Wait !! Don’t be so impatient ! One more day is left of my trip. But I guess I’ll break that into two.

    Meanwhile you can check my Web Album to see some pictures. 😉

  4. beautifuuul!! i want that colorful deitie!
    was expecting indian girls swimming pics 😛
    the last pic is Awesome!!!

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