During last year Diwali vacations we had been to Igatpuri and Sula Vineyards. It was a three day trip.. Friday early morning to Sunday night. Igatpuri is famous for Bhandardhara dams, Randha Falls and nearby Vipasana center. The distance between Mumbai and Igatpuri is approx. 130 kms.

We had already booked our rooms in Manas Resorts at Igatpuri as during vacations it is difficult to find a good accommodation.
On Friday morning at
8 AM, reached Dadar for a cool cab for Igatpuri (the rates for Igatpuri & Nasik are same). From Dadar trains and shared taxis (I think Rs 300/- per person) are also available but since we were more than two, thought it would be better to take an individual cab. I was told that this is the best option to go in that direction. Trains were out of question as all wanted to reach there directly and comfortably without wasting time. To our bad luck, no cool cab was available for that direction and after quite some wait we got an AC taxi for Rs. 1600.00. Normal rate is Rs 1200.00.

First Day – We took the Mumbai-Nashik Highway (NH-3). On our way, we had breakfast in this food joint. For us ladies, traveling by road has its own set of difficulties. So, I always prefer to stop at a joint where they have clean washrooms and more than the food, I judge the services by its washrooms. I must say this one didn’t disappoint me. 🙂
Reached Igatpuri at around
1 PM. Since more people were to join us by evening, it took some time to select the best rooms, take possession of all and check in. Had our lunch and we were ready for our small trekking atop a small hill.

On the base of this hill there is a village called ‘Baaichi-wadi’.

I clicked some pictures of Fauna category. The houses were very colourful and beautifully decorated.

Seeing me clicking them, everybody felt very shy, the house lady, the kids, even this girl including cows and goats. LOL. In a fraction of a moment they all ran in.

See how they are running into their houses. So camera shy they were !

Went on top of the hill, this was the scene from the top.

I like this picture very much. So many shades of natural colours. The golden hues of rice paddy looks so rich & good.

Saw the train bridge and the tracks which goes to Nasik.

Back at hotel by evening we were joined by others including our Belgian friend and her little daughter. We had a karaoke session besides the pool. I enjoyed the session very much as most of the songs were of my choice :))
At night there was a party at poolside again though personally I would have preferred a night at that shy village.

Glossary – Baaichi-wadi – Baaii’s house. Marathi readers, translation please. What is Baai ?

Note :- There are more pictures in my Fotoflickr and Webpicasa.

13 thoughts on “Igatpuri

  1. LOL…Someone asking translation of “Baai” just makes me laugh and smile. I guess all Mumbaikars know what baai means…ok…in Marathi, we call a woman as Baai, however, in Mumbai, most of the ladies who come for washing utensils and clothes are referred to as ‘Baai’s’ by most of non maharashtrians. But you saw this place in the heart of maharashtra, it definitely means A Woman’s House. Waadi refers to a big house.

    I liked the pic with the small girl! Nice updates and pic 🙂

  2. Fleiger & Ranjeet,
    Thanks for the descriptive translation. I have also heard people calling those ladies as ‘Baaii’ but was not sure what exactly it meant because our maid insists on being called ‘Taaii’ which I think is more respectful also (In north ‘Taaii’ means wife of father’s elder brother). Hence the query. 🙂

    Yes, the small girl was very shy, I requested her to stay there but she couldn’t face the camera. Her mother ran into the room and so did all the animals. LOL..

    I always try to enjoy my trips wherever they are. On this trip we had a Belgian lady with her kid. Wait for my next post what she did next day ! 😉

  3. Hey Cuckoo – I remember your trip – you posted the Water fall pics…those were nic pic too…! The land and the vegetation…its amazing color…and I loved the distant sky and clouds….!I loved the painted house. and those Goats were super cute.
    Even I love “Bakari” lol 🙂

  4. Prashanth,
    Thank you. Wait !!!

    I remember your trip – you posted the Water fall pics…… I know I know, you told me you have elephant’s memory. 😛
    Wait for those pictures and some more with of course the story.

    Ha Ha.. that was scene to watch. The moment they saw me clicking everybody ran inside.. house lady, kids and all the pets. 😛

    Yes, that is my favourite also ! I just love it. The golden hues of rice paddy looks so good.

    Oh, I didn’t know it ! Thanks.

  5. Nice pics. Thanks for letting me know of one more place to visit while visiting my sis in Mumbai.
    🙂 I liked the pics of the house and the shy villagers.

  6. Cuckoo visits Igatpuri and has some interesting notes and snaps.

    Check out “the shy cow”! [Image from Cuckoo’s blog]

  7. An interesting trivia…

    Ever heard of a Mani Rathnam Film called “Thiruda Thiruda”?

    A good part of the film, which involves a train & lotsa dishmu dishum has been shot here on the Nasik Rail route.

  8. Ajeya,
    Thanks. You are most welcome.

    To all of you there. Thanks for linking me. 🙂

    Heard of the movie but not seen it. Now, I have a reason to see it as well. 🙂

    Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

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