Thirsty Thursday – Igatpuri

This is typical rural Maharashtra of our India. We had gone for a trekking trip near Igatpuri and on our way up had to cross this small village named ‘Baaichi-wadi’ meaning ‘Woman’s house’.

The mud houses were vibrantly coloured and beautifully decorated. The walls, the border on the door frame and the doors… everything was beautifully hand painted. Mostly they use vegetable colours but these days since they are easily available, normal wall paints are used.

I immediately clicked some shots. Seeing me clicking them, everybody felt extremely shy.. ..  the house lady, the kids, even this girl including cows and goats !!
The small girl was very shy, I requested her to stay there but she couldn’t face the camera. Her mother was the first one to run into the room and initiate the ‘shy’ run. LOL..


In a fraction of a moment they all ran in. You can see the left over green leaves which the animals were enjoying till then.
Will definitely go there once again. I fell in love with this village.
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24 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday – Igatpuri

  1. hehe its sounds strange and funny at the same time that everyone was camera shy (ppl and animals alike)
    btw beautiful blue for the house base color 🙂

  2. lovely post! it’s always nice to visit such places. atmosphere is so pure…and peoples’ hearts too! 🙂

    the best way to remove their shyness is to first talk to them abt their life…daily routine…work, school etc. Next time you visit this place, request that housewife to show you her kitchen. Instead of being shy, she will be more friendly with you:-)

  3. Hi Cuckoo! 2008.08.08 is a very special day for Blogtrotter. So, before I start commemorating, let me just tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my blogs! Thanks a lot!
    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

  4. Anoop,
    Thank you. Sure, when I go there this time I am going to bring many more memories.

    Thank you very much. I liked the village and its people very much, so thought of writing about them.

  5. lovely pictures…during my recent trips in interior Tamil Nadu and karnataka, Ive also been fascinated by the houses and have taken quite a few..they are not so colourful and vibrant, but there is plenty of warmth

  6. Vandita,
    Yes, that striking blue is eye-catching.

    Thank you. Yes, I like these serene places.
    Yes, I know the best way is to talk to people which I normally do pan tula mahite nai kai ? mala marathi yete nai. 😛

  7. Trotter,
    Thank you. You too have a great Sunday.

    Thank you. Yes, I have been following your blog.

    Oh my Thirsdays are thirsty for more & more posts. 😛

  8. “Yes, I know the best way is to talk to people which I normally do pan tula mahite nai kai ? mala marathi yete nai. :P”…

    अग तुला मराठी येत नसेल, पण त्या गाववाल्यांना हिन्दी बोलता येतं ना 🙂

    आणि आता “व्हॉट ऍन आयडीया, सरजी!” मुळे इंग्रजी सुद्धा बोलायला लागतील ती खेड्यातली मंडळी 🙂

    असो! तुझं सुद्धा मराठी छान आहे 🙂

  9. Hey, Hope you follow along and I look forward to seeing what else you tell us about your country, one I’ll come around to visiting one of these days!

  10. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I can’t post pics because my parents don’t think it’s safe. Blah.

    I like your blog. Yes, I would feel shy too if someone started snapping photos of me.

  11. Abhijit,
    धन्यवाद्, धन्यवाद् !!
    Well, let me not make this a Marathi forum & for the sake of other non-Marathi readers I’ll continue in English. 😀

    Ok, now that the kids speak English, from next time I’ll speak to the villagers in English.

    Yes, they have amazing colours. They tempt me to go there again.

  12. Anthony,
    Welcome to my blog.
    Oh, my blog is full of stories about my country. You can roam around here navigating through the categories.

    Come again. I’ll keep telling my stories.

    Thank you. Yes, me too miss those places. Natural jungle is much more soothing than this concrete jungle that we are in. 🙁

    Welcome to my blog.
    Oh, I had guessed so.

    Thank you for liking my blog. I should see you more often then. 🙂

    Hee hee .. I am also a shy dame.

    Thanks for your visit. Come again.

  13. that a compliment? If so, thanks.

    Come to my space when you have a few minutes, and follow my trail to the Himalayan Garhwal in pictures. Of course, more details are to follow.

  14. Celine,
    Of course it’s a compliment !! 😀

    Yes, I have seen your post on Garhwal. Not commented though. Will come sometime.

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