Is there a third angle to Chand Minar?

The first thing that you notice when you visit Daulatabad fort in Aurangabad, is 30-meter high Chand Minar. It stands out even from a distance.

Chand minar

30-meter high Chand Minar.

It was built as a ‘Tower of Victory’ by Ala-ud-din Bahmani to commemorate his capture of the Daulatabad fort. This soaring tower stands within the fort boundary but way too far from the fort itself. I wonder how people from the fort used to communicate with people here.

Chand minar

Can you see the tall Chand Minar ? The fort is on top of that hill.

The minar was originally covered with beautiful Persian glazed tiles. The three circular galleries of Minar still have carved motifs.

Chand minar

Three balconies of Chand Minar are clearly visible.

This Minar (tower) is known to have two major roles in the fort Daulatabad.
The first or defensive role was of a watch tower to look out for approaching enemies. The second or religious function was to call the faithful for namaaz (daily prayers).
But wait ! Was that all?

Chand minar

Another sight of Chand Minar from the fort.

I was told by a local guide there that there was a third angle as well ! According to him, the king had a mistress by the name of ‘Chand’ and she was gifted this Minar. She was living in the lower part of this tower. Since it would have evoked many eyebrows, the other two roles of the Minar were also defined.

Chand minar

Lush green background & the Chand Minar as seen from top of the fort.

I am not sure whether to believe him or not but here are few reasons why I would do so.
1) The distance between the Minar and the fort. While they might have some light system to give indication of any enemies coming in the direction of fort, it is hard to believe how they used to call the common man for daily prayers especially when there is no sign of any habitat outside the fort boundary.
2) There are other 4-5 levels of strong fortifications done in the fort itself.
3) Keeping a mistress was a norm but keeping her inside the fort would have been difficult. This way, she was not very near yet not very far.

What do you say?
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9 thoughts on “Is there a third angle to Chand Minar?”

  1. he he- I do think you have hit on something!! I had always wondered the same about how the minar is so far from the fort- it just never seemed like a smart defense system…but now that you bring up the mistress- it all falls into place 🙂

    I LOVE your travel blog- because you always seem to find out these tidbits of information which normally go unknown!! Great work!!

    Great work on keeping up with the blogathon!! I knew you’d do it! 🙂

  2. Wow.. Daulatabad. has been my list of to-be visited places after seeing Tughlakabad…. It has an interesting story behind it too… Hope the guide would have told about it… Didn’t know about this minar though…

  3. The brown/burnt orange color of the tower stands out gorgeously against the lush green that surrounds it. Interesting story, too.

  4. @SiD,
    Do tell us the story. Well, the story of Minar was so intriguing that we lost track of fort’s story. 🙂
    Also had guide till the dark passage, after that explored on my own.

    Thank you.

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