Kerala, update from the road

Update from the road.
As you would know, I am still in Kerala enjoying the lush green surroundings. The backwaters, the houseboats, the wilderness, the hills, trekking, rural areas, the local cuisines and the most important elephants! There is so much to do and so little time.
Being in the midst of all these has its own charm. So much so that when at the end of the day we want to check our e-mails, we struggle to get the internet connection. Frankly, when you are in such a joyful trip who cares for the internet? 😀

houseboat ride in kerala

Saying bye to a lovely place is always difficult.

We have been travelling everyday, sometimes 5 hours by road to reach our next destination. From having a lunch in an air-conditioned houseboat to Ayurvedic massages to watching some traditional dances, it is so far fun for the group.
Yesterday was the most adventurous day… a couple of incidents and we, the four of us, were contemplating to go to a police station!

More detailed posts will follow when I touch base. In the meanwhile, are you checking my Facebook page for more photos & tit-bits about the trip? If not, please do so.

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14 thoughts on “Kerala, update from the road”

  1. Samaresh,
    Yes, the boat comes to the portico. 😀 And between every row of cottages we have water and small bridges. 🙂

    It is situated on the largest backwaters lake in Kerala.

  2. Nisha,
    Nice blog!!! Great Information about travel. kerala is a amazing tourist places in India for backwaters and the houseboats. Its so amazing!!!

  3. Nice view to the kerala backwaters. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful information’s. I’ve been to kumarakom when we friends gone to alleppey and kumarakom tour for 3 days 4 night backwater tours package. It was the most thrilling tour i have ever come across. This article brought me those memories back.

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