OK, this post has jumped the queue. 😛 This one is for Rahi who wants to see his life’s first snowfall. His constraints –  He lives in Delhi and can afford only two days leave. He is keen on Simla, a hill station.
Rahi, I suggest the best place within your limitation is Kufri, 19 Kms ahead of Simla on NH22. It is at an altitude of 2,622 m.

Though in two days time you may not experience the actual snowfall but there is a high possibility of seeing some freshly laid snow if you go towards end of December – January. If you don’t already know, snow doesn’t fall everyday but you can enjoy it if it is fresh. But be careful with a bit old one.. .. it becomes ice and is extremely dangerous.

Even if it is not snowing, you can enjoy some skiing there, it being one of the oldest places in India to be associated with skiing. Do not worry if you do not know skiing, there are plenty of alternatives to enjoy the snow like sliding on a big tyre. You can also enjoy a Pony or a Yak Ride.
Do not worry about the ice shoes and other heavy clothings, you get them all on rent. Take a good pair of sun-glasses and good skin lotion though.

A vehicle clearing the snow from the road

I have been to Kufri long time back but can not put any photo here as they are taken from analogue camera and I am really short of time to scan them. So, enjoy this one .. .. shot in Switzerland.

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15 thoughts on “Kufri

  1. Ashes,
    This is not the first time I am doing so. 🙂

    Both the places have their own charm. Even Kashmir is very good with almost frozen Dal lake. 🙂

  2. thanks a lot cuckoo for the information. i have already started imagining myself in kufri now. i googled for the place and found out a really good link at oktatabyebye.com. hope that other readers will find it useful.


    although i wasn’t able to find a direct bus service to the place. looks like will have to change from shimla.

    and ashes don’t get jealous yaar. this time cuckoo has written on my request. the next time she will take one of your requests. isn’t it cuckoo?

    i can also see that ur post has encouraged many others to make holiday plans to kufri. abhijit and anoop tell me ur plans if any.

  3. Rahi, I’d be happy to trade you some of the snow here in the USA for some sunshine from India. Anytime you want to come scrape the ice from my car, let me know. I’ll be sitting there in Delhi basking in the warm sun. 😛

  4. vagabond that was so bad of u. u want me to come to ur place and do the scraping. bu hu hu. btw u r surely invited to delhi – only that it is lacking sunshine here too.

  5. @Rahi: LOL. Acchaa, sorry…after you scrape the ice off, you can stay for a warm cup of soup too.

    @Peter: I know just what you mean. Before I read the rest of the article, I kept staring at the photo and thinking how very European the place in India looked. LOL.

  6. hi cuckoo…. i just want to roam around places near delhi.. i have been to shimla, kasouli and rishikesh but was not able to get a glinch of snow there. could suggest me some place near to delhi which hardly takes 8hrs by road where we can have a blast at slot. just got a leave till monday evening……………….

  7. this is lovely… esp since i havent ever seen snow either and i live (lived) in delhi too …
    too many places to see, lets hope i begin strikin em off the list soon
    thanks cuckoo !

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