Ramayana on walls

Picture of the moment:- Ramayana on walls of a temple in Kumbakonam:
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When I was backpacking to interiors of Tamil Nadu, this was one of the temples I really wanted to visit. I was told that the whole epic of Ramayana is painted on interior walls of the temple.

Ramayana on walls of temple @lemonicks.com

If only you can read Tamil….

The multi-color painting was detailed and beautiful indeed.
By the time I clicked 2-3 shots, one of the junior priests came running, asking me to stop. This was the same guy who had earlier collected a camera fee of INR 100 for using camera on premises and had guided me to different idols & pillars for better photographs.

Language barrier could not help me why he was so against it now. Oh yes, he also did not give any receipt for that camera fee pretending not to understand me !

Can you name this temple?

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15 thoughts on “Ramayana on walls”

  1. I have visited this temple, Nisha.. and the paintings are really beautiful as well as descriptive. the words are actually not needed..
    As to the opposition to taking photographs, these paintings are ancient ones, just touched up to maintain them, which is why they dont encourage photography.. unfortunately, they dont tell anyone that when they sell the camera ticket! secondly, the unwritten rule in many south indian temples is that u can use the camera to take photos in the outer compounds, not in the innermost ones.. and this is technically one of the inner ones…

  2. @Anu,
    I agree with you on rules for not photographing these ancient paintings but as a person who does not know these rules, I think I should have been told before hand.
    Of course, now I am aware of. 🙂

  3. Amazing art. It’s a real beauty. I do wish we could read its writings so we can appreciate it even more. The painting sure tells of a great story.
    I hope one day I will be able to see it.

  4. Awesome pics! Typically photographs are not allowed because the color can be destroyed by use of flash. I m glad they are doing it in India. In most western countries, flash is not allowed in older preserved houses and even in museums! I really wish I could visit this place smetime and capture it in my heart!

  5. @Shilpi,
    Yes, the museums abroad adhere to this rule because flash can damage the paintings/photos etc. We have this restriction in Ajanta caves.

    But I don’t think here it was because of this reason. In most Indian temples the innermost circles are the most sacred ones & generally photography is not allowed irrespective of whether there is any painting or not. We can not take pictures of any idols as well.

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