Lady with an umbrella

Picture of the moment: Lady with an umbrella
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It was monsoon season and we were holidaying in a hill station. It was heavy fog & slight drizzle when we went out for a walk. Then I noticed this woman, holding an umbrella and standing still. Her umbrella threw some color in an otherwise dull day.

woman with umbrella

A lady with umbrella

First, it looked to me as if she was waiting for somebody. But no.
When we went past her, we realized she was marveling at the thatched house. Is not that intriguing ?

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17 thoughts on “Lady with an umbrella

  1. Oh my this picture is perfect- the splash of color amidst the dull rainy day- and the fact it is an umbrella- well it is just amazing!! I love how you are able to ‘capture’ wonderful scenes…am definitely amazed since I have NO photographic sense.

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