Weekend at Lavasa

I was invited on a 2 day trip to Lavasa to attend the Lavasa Women’s Drive (LWD), an annual event to promote awareness of breast cancer. This event is a car rally driven by women, starts from Mumbai to Lavasa. This year there were two legs, one from Mumbai and another from Pune.

The other attractions of this trip included exploring Lavasa and meeting with other wonderful people from different fraternities, some of them happened to be bloggers as well.

Lavasa pink top @lemonicks.com

I started & supported the day by wearing pink. 😉

The posts & my views on LWD, Lavasa & related stuff will come soon. Of course, with photos and videos.
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20 thoughts on “Weekend at Lavasa”

  1. Yes..pictures please!!! I am especially interested in the drive..besides the noble cause of course!!

    Pink is feminine evergreen, naah?? 😛

    And was it like some sort of race or rather a rally??

  2. Connie,
    I was invited as an official blogger to cover the event and of course to do some other related things. 🙂

    Will upload the pictures in a few days. Too busy with my other activities.

  3. Amar,
    Patience man ! Pictures will come.
    Do you read my posts in full? I bet, you don’t. 😛

    Answer to your question is there in my post. Read the 2nd para pls. 🙂

    I liked the name “feminine evergreen”. 😀

  4. @Nisha: That’s a serious accusation!!

    I may skip through lines of a really long post, and I often do if it’s not interesting, but never with such a short post. I rather don’t go through it. Like your Bamboo Island post.

    I had seen the rally mention but not all rallies are snail paced, that’s what I wanted to know and I saw the “will come soon” thing too, what I meant was when. The truth is I like pictures a lot more than the text.

    BTW, what made of think and bet on this?

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