Leather footwear in Matheran

Matheran is famous for leather goods. Every other shop sells things like handbags, footwear, belts, wallets etc. And it is hard to ignore them.

Leather footwear in Matheran @lemonicks.com

Handmade chappals.

The street is also full of small vendors and there are some cobblers as well, making footwear in front of you. On either side of the road, you can see these colorful chappals on sale.

Leather footwear in Matheran @lemonicks.com

Handmade footwear.

I also succumbed to this attraction and bought some.
But wait !
Do they fit me? I think I made a mistake.

Leather footwear in Matheran @lemonicks.com

Ooops! They are not my size. 🙁

Leather footwear in Matheran @lemonicks.com

Size does matter !

Leather footwear in Matheran @lemonicks.com

They don’t fit me. 🙁

But I still managed to do a catwalk wearing these shoes. 🙂 Some of you on Facebook must’ve seen that video.
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