MTDC toilet at Lonar

MTDC toilet at Lonar
This is the state of the common toilet in MTDC resort at Lonar.
Does it look okay to you? Is there something missing?

MTDC Lonar

Such a clean and lovely toilet !

No water or flush tank, forget about the tissues, clean pot or floor.

Worst or best thing that is missing here is a door! When there is no door, you’d be a fool to expect a hook to hang your bag or scarf etc. Right ?

And man, I had to use it more than once! When you have to pee, you have to pee.

How I did that? I asked one of us to stand there at a distance of more than a meter facing the other side (from where I took this shot). I didn’t want him to ‘hear’ anything. He was a gentleman, holding my handbag and yelling at, driving away any other person who wanted to wash hands or relieve. This is the common toilet near restaurant on first floor of the resort. On right side you can see a portion of sink where you wash your hands before & after eating.

And I relieved myself holding my breath, hovering on top of that filthy commode in half standing/ half sitting position, constantly watching that gentleman.
Note:- I had requested them to clean or give me access to some other toilet but in vain. Gave them my feedback and also wrote to MTDC. I am yet get any response.

P.S.- This is not the worst toilet I have ever used. There are some more interesting ones. 🙂
I would like to know what was your worst toilet experience while travelling.

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20 thoughts on “MTDC toilet at Lonar

  1. Disgusting. But yes, like you said – I too have seen and been in worser ones in India! Hard to pick a specific one – I’ve seen quite a few. Mostly during roadtrips, along highways. *shudder*

  2. Okay, this is bad… but the sight and smell of an unflushed toilet that has #2 in it for the past 2 weeks when you first check-in to your room is unbeatable (in burma)!

  3. hmmm….both the public and the administration are equally responsible because nobody think it is their own property and should be taken care of just like we take care of our homes …

  4. oh my goodness- you were brave to use it multiple times- but like you said, if you have to go – you have to go!!! I think my worse experience (as far as dirty toilets) – was a toilet on the bus route from Penang to Kuala Lumpur- I thought I was literally going to throw up when I had to go in…can’t even begin to describe it as it was too disgusting for words. As far as odd toilet experiences- too many to count!

  5. Help is on the way! After one visit to India (a fabulous country I absolutely LOVE) and many such experiences, I bought a Go-Girl, a very handy female urination device…Google it and see. has them for under $7.00. It’ll change your pee-pee experience for such places.

  6. While on my roadtrip to Barsu from Chamba, i saw many women ‘relieving’ themselves on the “road” (since there are no plains o either side of the road). In many cases co-travelers stood around the lady forming a human wall.

    In some cases, after you take the next turn, you may face the naked butt of a woman.

    It was embarrassing & humiliating. Funny part is, this is the route were thousands travel every year to Gaumukh (where Ganga / Bhagirathi originates.

    PS: Some good folks of certain villages have created a temporary loo with cloth wrapped around four sticks forming a square congested space. But it stinks & is transparent 🙁

    Sad state of Indian tourism 🙁

  7. deejthtraveller,
    Welcome here.

    Women relieving themselves on the road, behind some bushes or rock is very common, as is making a human wall. I have myself done it.

    Don’t remind me what all types of toilets I have used… since I go to interior remote places. I will probably write about them one day. 😀
    One such was this
    (read the description there)

    And I am going to face the same when I go again.

    But this was in a resort of reputed MTDC !! Totally unacceptable.
    Really sad state of tourism.

  8. Connie,
    While travelling by public buses, I stop taking liquid inputs which goes against our health. I remember once on a bus in Nepal, I did not take anything so I can hold the urge to pee.

    Bad state. 🙁

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