Panoramic view of Lonar lake

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I had always wanted to visit the Lonar crater in Maharashtra; it never failed to fascinate me through photos.

And so, here I present these beautiful panoramic views of Lonar lake. For bigger photo and in higher resolution check here. You can also see more mesmerizing photos in my earlier post.

lonar lake panorama

Lonar lake from the rim of crater.

lonar lake panorama

Lonar lake from shore level.

Note:- 4 photographs are stitched together to create the first image and 5 photos for second.

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  1. Vyankatesh,
    Welcome here.

    So, now it’s time to visit it. 🙂

    Su-sieee ! Mac,
    I welcome you here and thank you.

    I am amused to see your unique name. 🙂

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