Photo Feature : Lonar Lake

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Pure bliss. Nothing can be more beautiful than this.

The lake. Another view from top.

Can you see that lone hut ? That’s the only one out there.

From ground level.

Soon thereafter black clouds started hovering… and the lake water started dancing with joy.

And then it poured and we had to take a shelter in an old temple.

It was heavy downpour and within minutes only thing visible was this tree trunk admiring the dance of  those white waves.

Coming up shortly : A succinct information on visiting Lonar lake. Please go to Facebook for viewing photos in higher resolution.

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19 thoughts on “Photo Feature : Lonar Lake

  1. Fida,
    Ha ha..
    Because I wanted to be in that hut but then I picked up my binoculars & saw a familiar face.. you happily lazing around.

    Gosh ! I envy you.:P

  2. Bindhu,
    Camera didn’t play a role in this. That was indeed green everywhere. 😀

    And after half a circle I had to pack my camera since it had started pouring heavily.

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