Lonely beach day

It was a hot sunny day at Miramar beach, Goa. And crowded too.
Crowded not with people but with fish drying racks on the ground and white fluffy clouds in the sky.

miramar beach @lemonicks.com

Miramar beach, Goa.

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9 thoughts on “Lonely beach day

  1. I’m guessing that the beach is very crowded in warm weather!


    The sky’s a most wonderful thing
    Within it some strange creatures sing:
    The angels and such;
    But dragons not much—
    They’d rather breathe fire and take wing.

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher


  2. @Magical Mystical Teacher,
    Wow !
    What lovely lines.

    P.S.- This was a hot sunny day, so hot that people didn’t risk going out…. well, except me. 🙂

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