Look ma ! A ship !

Last Sunday we went to Juhu beach. Not because we like this place but for something unusual that has happened here recently.

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

Planning to enter our house ?

Well, what will you do when you wake up one morning, only to see a huge ship coming at your doorstep?

Yes, that’s what happened a few days back in Mumbai. An old unmanned ship called Wisdom on way to Gujarat from Colombo decided to halt at Mumbai’s Juhu beach !
wisdom ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

There you are, right in front of us !

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

Life guards on duty. Can you see a man on top of the ship?

All efforts to salvage the cargo ship which is stuck in the sand at Juhu beach since June 11 were called off again on Sunday after facing one more failure.
The stranded vessel will remain on the beach for at least a fortnight more because as per the officials, salvage operations require high tides of more than 4.5 meters, which are expected only after a fortnight.

wisdom ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

Wobbling effect…. the anchor chain left marks on its body.

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

An aeroplane taking off from the airport.

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

The ship is alarmingly close to the houses.

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

The rope used for tugging earlier, has now a new role. 🙂

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

Thousands of people throng it everyday.

So, it has become a fair like scene at Juhu beach. Everyday the ship is thronged by thousands of people who come to catch a glimpse of this merchant vessel. The traffic in that area is always jam packed and most autos /taxis refuse to take us there. But there is no stopping. I could see people walking miles for it.

This unusual happening has both good & bad sides which I will talk about later. The sheer desire & excitement to touch it has already claimed three lives till now. The sea is rough and waves are high. Officials have issued an advisory for people keen on going near the ship.

But do all people rave about traffic jams & dirty beach?
P.S.- I will post a short video tomorrow.
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26 thoughts on “Look ma ! A ship !

  1. so you went to see it! i passed by Juhu the other day, and remembered, but there was so much crowd moving towards the beach, shankar absolutely refused to join the mela!

  2. @Jatdevta,
    Haanji hoata hai kabhi kabhi. 🙂

    Yeah, wanted to go there alone but people tugged along. 🙂

    Will post some more pictures on Facebook.

  3. What an incredible sight!!!!! Don’t you go touching it Nisha- no matter how much you are tempted ;)…but seriously, this is incredible!! You said it was an unmanned ship?? so how in the world did it get grounded here? This is indeed a rare occurrence

  4. Now that is something ! what a huge ship ! it’s not very wise to get stuck in the sand for a ship called wisdom, lol ! No wonder that there are many people to have a look !

  5. Wow, the beach is pretty dirty! I love the way people just watch the ship, sitting on the rope. It’s quite a show!

    I wasn’t expecting that since in the first few pics, the beach was empty.

  6. @Arti,
    Thank you.

    Ha Ha..
    Yes, unmanned. There is a dockyard in Guajarat (this ship’s destination) where old ships are taken for breaking/dismantling. And so while it was being tugged by another ship “Minerva”, the rope gave way during journey leaving ‘Wisdom’ to be on its own. 🙂

    While I write this, I am told that Wisdom has been re-floated using the 4-5 metres high tide today. 😀

  7. @Gattina,
    LOL.. yeah, very unwise for a ship called Wisdom ! 😛

    Wait for another post to see how dirty was the beach ! 🙂

    The first few pics are from barricaded area and hence emptiness.

  8. Hey Nisha

    Good stuff. We could not go personally to see it. Your coverage is good enough that it is etched in memory.

    Saroj and Narasimhan

  9. @Neeraj,
    Really ? I haven’t come across those bloggers then. Or probably mine was one of the first ones or even better, I am unaware of those blogs. 🙂

    Please do pass on the links.

  10. @Nisha,
    Hey my namesake !
    Glad to meet you here.

    Yes, this site does exist on networked site to follow. How else have others followed then? 🙂
    I have checked it again. Kindly try again. 🙂

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