13 thoughts on “Any Guesses ?

  1. The last photo looks like Table Land in Panchgani. So I am guessing Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani.

    And have I lost my ability to identify structures in Pratapgad?

  2. Well, I don’t even dare to guess, but I’m sure you had a lot of fun there. Misty forests, scaring cliffs, waterfalls and hills… what a programme! Look forward to seeing your next posts!
    I’m still around in Provence at Blogtrotter.

  3. nice blog yaar…how do u get time n energy to maintain 2 blogs at the same time… kahan ki pics hai yeh?
    vaise i wud be writing abt my N-E trip in coming days…do check tht out

  4. Must be a hill station close to a rain forest in India, something like Cherapunji or Sravana Gelegula?

  5. nice pics… second photo would have been a better one without those leaves in the foreground!

  6. The first photo reminds me of Matheran while the last one reminds me of Table Land in Panchgani.
    I am stumped!!!

  7. India – Mumbai -pune ( will that be close enough )and yeah I am guessing as I have heard of Sahyadri ( through GUNZ)- never trekked though!!
    Para sailing….hmmm…did you try or just cliked !!
    Tk care

  8. The pictures are nice, but a little hazy. And it does seem like that the one with the mist-laden path and the moss-covered well, can initiate one’s imagination into horror stories 😉

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