Man proposes, God disposes!

Hello !
You must be wondering what am I upto? 🙂
As some of you know, I have returned back from my trip to Uttarakhand a few days ago. To be honest, it did not end the way I had expected it to be.

I was looking forward to this trip with great enthusiasm. Everything was perfect for us. Looking at the weather conditions, we had packed quick-dry clothes, raincoats & other rain related items but contrary to our expectations, the weather was hot. Besides a few drizzles here & there, it did not rain at all.

We were to reach Haridwar & if possible, Rishikesh by 22nd evening. Of course, we did reach there on the specified day by 6 PM but with a difference. When we touched down at Rishikesh, I was running high fever.

Lakshman jhoola in Rishikesh

Lakshman jhoola, a suspension bridge. See the crowd on the bridge.

A week prior to our journey I had sore throat & fever which had subsided in next four days. So, I was fit to travel. Or so I thought.

Coming back to my story, it was high fever & a sore throat at Rishikesh. Our plan was to stay overnight at one of GMVN’s guest houses and then next day early morning proceed further towards Devprayag, Rudraprayag etc.
After settling down we went out to explore the place & came back after having dinner. In the meanwhile I had taken paracetamol for fever. In any case, I don’t bother about these minor illnesses. Fevers come & go. They keep happening & can not deter me from my objective.

Rishikesh is a much polluted place and it actually aggravated my coughing and that whole night I couldn’t sleep. Next morning it was not possible for us to move further.

No worries.
We thought, seeing Rishikesh was in our agenda; we would utilize this day to do that besides taking rest.

Went to Triveni ghat, spent some time there and then moved towards two jhoolas (Ram & Lakshman). Unfortunately because of huge no. of Kavari’s, this route was made one way for pedestrians and vehicular traffic was not allowed. Once in, you can not turn back. And so unknowingly we walked six kilometers before we could have late lunch at famous Chotiwala.
In between I popped in Crocin-flu to keep a check on my fever. I even bought antibiotics & started on it. Surprisingly I could walk easily; the crowd had restricted our speed.

That was a mistake. When we reached guest house at 5, I was totally down with high fever, severe cough, breathlessness & pain in ribs. I had difficulty in speaking. I knew it was not a common viral fever but something else.

Next day again we could not move. Three nights and we were still in Rishikesh? That’s not done. We had not come to camp here! We should either go ahead or return back.
V was tensed and wanted us to return. I did not.

Rested that day (also attended Ganga arti 😉 ) and urged V to continue our journey next day as fever would take its own time to subside. I assured him that I was fine.

Very reluctantly V agreed.
Boarded 6:30 AM bus for Rudraprayag. The weather was hot. While everybody else was sweating, I was sleeping, covering myself fully with two jackets… antibiotics, anti fever and anti nauseatic pills were doing their job.

At Rudraprayag by the time we had lunch & hunted a place to stay, it was 4 PM. Agreed, new places excite me no end but I don’t know how I felt energetic enough to go out to see confluence of rivers and some other local attractions.

That night was most difficult. I had difficulty in breathing & pain in my ribs had increased. Besides, I had bad cough & high fever. Every 3 hours I was popping in medicines which would take 1.5 hours to take effect & then again the fever would rise. V was continuously applying wet towel on my forehead.

We couldn’t find a doctor and knew the situation was going to be worse when we go into interiors. Where there is a scarcity of basic things, you can not expect a good medical assistance.

By this time V had had enough of my ways and decided firmly to return back. I was in no condition to refuse.
Early next morning, we hired a private taxi. Again we had to take Dehradun route. Fortunately got reservations in train for Delhi and from Delhi we flew down to Mumbai where heavy rains welcomed us. 🙂

Next morning went for checkup; blood tests & X-rays showed I had contracted Pneumonia ! And the antibiotics I had taken en route may have contained it from spreading rapidly.
I never had such bad attack of cold and fever in the past years that I remember. Who knew I would carry an infection from Mumbai that would aggravate to gigantic proportions later ruining my trip?

Life keeps teaching us lessons. I have recovered now but am weak.

Irrespective of this experience, whichever places we visited, I enjoyed them a lot. Will write about them slowly. 🙂
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22 thoughts on “Man proposes, God disposes!

  1. जब इस पुल से बाइक जाती है तो दिल धक-धक करता है।
    और चोटी वाले का खाना मजा आ जाता है।

  2. Good that your alright now!! 🙂 take care and maybe u’ll do this trip once again..

    I’ve been to Haridwar n Rishikesh ages ago, 1st yr of college and it was one awesome experience.. Did level 1 rafting in Rishikesh as well

  3. I am glad to hear that you are doing better, it was quite an adventure!
    Having pneumonia is no fun so you better rest and gather energy.
    I wish you a quick recovery and may you be healthy soon 🙂

  4. @Samaresh,
    Thanks. Yes, very true.

    @Jatdevta Sandeep,
    हाँ, इतनी भीड़ में बाइक का पुल पर चलना अजीब लगा, मैंने police से पूछा भी कि why they allow bikes on the bridge. All he could say was they don’t know. 🙂

  5. @Hijibijbij,
    First, how did you think of such a difficult name ? 😛
    Do you realize how difficult it is for me to type the correct spelling? 😀

    Thank you very much for your words. I am glad it could inspire you. 🙂

  6. Oh my dear Nisha!!! sorry I had not read this sooner!! I know you said in your last comment that you are already better- but I feel so sorry you had to go through this. Ugh- I know about this pneumonia stuff because of what happened to me when I was in Singapore- I’m as stubborn as you (but I think you might be a little more stubborn) ha ha!! Well, I’m certainly glad your hubby took the strong opinion of returning and getting you the good medical care you needed!!!! Sorry about your trip being cut short.

  7. hahaha…the name was important for me. my whole blog concept is based on a bengali poet Sukumar Ray, also Satyajit Ray’s father, who is the trendsetter in nonsensical words or poems for children. he came up with such weird unknown bengali words with new definitions.

    Meaning of hijibijbij (
    A person who imagines very improbable situations and laughs at them.

  8. I was actually waiting for your post, but so sad it turned out this way. But then is this now what travel is all about, our plans going wrong and at times going good too. I wish you would make a practice to see a doctor immediately and avoid antibiotics without prescription. This comes after knowing your bouts of illness. Good you are back on track now. All the best

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