Menstruating Goddess

Well, I have been talking about menstruation blues and taboos in Indian culture and how those rituals are still very much in practice in many families.

Talking of menstruation, did you know Gods (oops Goddesses) also have it ? Damn ! I never knew that !


Kamakhya Temple: Courtesy Shibu

It seems there is a temple near Gauhati, Assam named Kamakhya temple whose Goddess Kamakhya (mother Earth) also goes through the turmoils of menstruation and the temple remains closed for three days in a year. The Kamakhya Temple in Assam is one of the most venerated Shakti shrines in India.


It is believed that once in every year, the spring waters at Kamakhya turn red and the temple remains closed. It is believed to be inauspicious to till the ground or to plant seeds during this period.

A unique festival observed here is the Ambubasi fertility festival. The festival opens with great festivity on the fourth day.

Hmmm… It is called double standards. My only grudge… For us every month and for her just once a year ? Bad, bad. Whom do I complain now ?

Courtesy : Mosaic

15 thoughts on “Menstruating Goddess

  1. Definitely not fair yaar…
    waise this is only with mother earth as in this particular goddess na? Baaki kisi ke baare mein toh maine kabhi nahi suna!

  2. Zhu,
    Ha Ha.. me too wondering what they complain about ! 😛


    Keep coming to my blog, you’ll know of many strange things. 🙂

  3. Hey! Good post…. tell me, are you turning into a hardcore feminist (the one that hates all men just because they are men!) LOL I’m kidding ofcourse.

    Contemporary Hindu religious worship in India is very ridiculous, to state in modest words. Heavily borrowing concepts of ‘holy days’ from religions such as Islam and Christianity which were influxed over last 600 years, we too have holy days now. Monday for Shiv, Tuesday for Ganpati, Saturday for Hanuman, and things like that. On days other than Saturday, nobody would care even if they saw a dog shitting at the Hanuman temple. Just look at the queues outside his temple on Saturday. Whats going on?

  4. Its a sort of justification na.. if goddesses can have it, so can you 🙂 I was just cribbing to a friend of mine abt the woes of being a woman..

    Read your other two posts as well and started commenting and honestly it turned out to be a long, I decided to give it a pass..we will meet up and talk abt it..being a lone rebel, I know the feeling.

  5. Sorry I couldn’t visit you for the last two weeks! I’m trying to catch-up and see the wonders you have around!
    But this wonder is a bit weird; a menstruating goddess… ;))

    Meanwhile, one of the most beautiful Forts in India waits you and your comments. The Amber Fort! Enjoy and have a great week!

  6. That was a really interesting post…i wonder what the scientific explanation behind the waters turning red once a year is…my suspicion is heavy rains in some tributary causes an influx of red sediment/mud/clay into the river. Really interesting…would love to visit it for myself.

  7. It is not strange to me cos I have heard about the temple, which is very much true. What I felt was that people visiting the blog either are ignorant and do not know about their religion or GOD, or are just here to have fun.

    This one is a very interesting thing that you have put in this blog. There are many things that cannot be proven scientifically and the so called Maculay who sowed the seeds of English and Christian religion in India, term it as mythology. Mythology in Hindi means ‘Zhoota’.

    Indians were quite ahead in science when the Britishers visited India. We had 12metal alloy which is even hard to prepare today which Indians prepared during those days. Many rituals in Hindu religion is nothing but sience. I can prove it to my friends. Feel free to mail me at my email ID.


  8. yes .. i m also agree with DHANANJAY. if u ppl dont know much about this temple n goddess.. then u ppl should go there n make ur doughts clear . . cos i can see the list of the comments from your friends are really not impressive .. ok tell me one thing if u ppl pray to god or ur family is doing it .. are u practicing ur traditional rewaz during marriage n the other stuff .. then u should stop these stupid this (as per u ppl).
    so the MORAL is that if u ppl do believe in GOD, then dont talk or right rubbish ..
    thank u very much ..
    A.S. Marwaha

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