Mess up with footwear

For Aurangabad trip I had just a small backpack which was packed to its capacity. And since it was going to be mostly climbing steps either for caves or hilltops for forts, I had taken my good & comfortable pair of shoes.
Obviously while moving from one place to another I had to wear those shoes as there was no place to keep them in my bag. For general moving around in the city and in hotel, I had packed another pair of footwear (chappals), a slip on types.

Shoes served their purpose on first two days and so on third day when I headed for Ajanta caves I wore them once again.

As luck would have it, that day when I was stuck at a small place called Chikli, it rained cats & dogs. It was almost dark and fighting the rain, I was wading through 10-12 inches of water on the road from one end to another, looking for a place to stay overnight. My shoes were fully soaked and each one of them must have weighed a few kilos.
Next morning I could not have used them anymore. So in they go in a plastic bag and chappals come out.

At Lonar I wanted to go down the lake to take a round of it. Lack of shoes could not stop me from doing so. The hiking is of a few hours.

And at the lake this was the scene with my chappals. 🙂
I shrieked a few times but most of the time I behaved like a fool… cleaning the muck with water, leaf and such likes because I was so damn scared of those creepy creatures and wanted to see them when they take a free ride on my feet.

While returning it was a different scene altogether. Pouring, walking through water and instead of crawlers there were floaters. 😀

Cleaning the muck so that I can see & feel when any creepy creature crawls on my foot and there were aplenty.

One of the crawlers. 😛

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14 thoughts on “Mess up with footwear

  1. Gosh, it seems to pour down where ever I go (or stay). Just was at Mridula’s blog and saw her mess. Last Sunday I woke up in a flooded condo. Our roofer “forgot” to cover the skylights before he left. Now I have holes everywhere. You at least got a mud musk for your feet…and those crawly things look cute…from afar…lol
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Fida,
    Yes, Delhi is messy too these days because of various factors. 🙂

    Yeah, had read about your flooded condo.

    Pls pls come and take all the crawlies away. 😛

  3. Yuck for the creepy crawler! Sandals are comfortable but yes, it can get messy! That’s why I usually only wear mine at the beach when the place I’m traveling to isn’t too clean

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