CST Gargoyles ?

And so they tried to scare me off!

A Gargoyle is a grotesque carved human or animal face or figure projecting from the gutter of a building, typically acting as a water spout.

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CST (formerly VT) station is an architectural delight. While its architecture stands out majestically from outside, the inside is quite ignored by us, especially the pillars and ceiling.

After all, we are always in a hurry to catch a train, local or intercity, or we are in an alight and run like situation. In short, preoccupied with thoughts of our journey ahead.

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Therefore we hardly pay any attention to some of the gargoyles hanging from the pillars and corners. Camouflaged as they are in the surroundings, they are hard to locate even if you try. They are nicely hidden in motifs of leaves, flowers and trees.

But if you do so, and look them closely, these beasts looking down upon you will scare you off.

gargoyle @lemonicks.com/Travel

gargoyle @lemonicks.com/Travel

I have no idea why they are there or what is the history behind them. I couldn’t find it on net either. I guess these are supposed to act as watchdogs of some kind.

There are several scary stone-carved gargoyle like beasts which adorn the tops of pillars & corners of ceilings. Even outside, at the eight corners of the dome are gargoyles ready to leap out.

Most of the gargoyles were originally devised to direct rainwater away from the walls of the buildings to prevent erosion. After a number of years, gargoyles came to primarily serve a sort of aesthetic purpose on campus; however, some of the gargoyles actually do carry rainwater away from the buildings still.

Do share your pictures if you also find them somewhere.

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8 thoughts on “CST Gargoyles ?

  1. these arent the gargoyles, Nisha… those are the ones hanging out, with pipes in their mouths just out of sight… these are animals intended to look like gargoyles, but adapted to show the animals in india.. read somewhere that this was an attempt to blend indian art with the british architecture.

  2. You have an eye for photography…… Gargoyles make an interesting appearance in Da Vinci Code…
    I agree with Anuradha Shankar these are more of replicas to make them look like.. the real thing..

    But in a lot of Indian temples you will find them in interesting shapes, though they will be more close to the ground level to facilitate the exit of water/milk offered to the lord. ( Remember the milk drinking Ganesha of the 90s 🙂 )


    Here is link to one I found in a small temple in Coorg

  3. Anuradha,
    I know it’s very late to reply. Probably you are right but even after your comments I asked a friend & he’s of the opinion that it is Gargoyles.
    Well, I have no knowledge but I think I can go with your point.

    Has anybody read about them off late?

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