Here it goes…. Flamingos.

Sewri fort was done in a few minutes time and we were in no mood to head back home. We knew Flamingos can be seen somewhere nearby but this was not the right time to see them. We were told, most of them have gone back to Australia from where they come every year. Still we wanted to take a chance. It was our casual outing… no birding in mind, no tripod or long lens as well.


Flamingos having their cuisine.

We walked upto the jetty area. The surrounding was not very inviting… even V was feeling awkward. And me? I knew I would not have come here alone.
There were around 100 trucks parked on both sides of the road which leads to the jetty…. some being cleaned, some being repaired or rested. There was a lone chai ki dukan (tea shop) serving crew of those trucks. It being rainy season, the road was muddy black with oil and coal with pot holes at regular distance.

Near the jetty there was a small police post with two constables, and further down we could see two barges being repaired on either side. No Flamingos in sight, we walked back till police post. Chatted with men on duty for a few minutes and walked again to the barge. 🙂 Hesitated and then asked them if we could go up one of the barge to have a look.


V getting down the shaky, rusty ladder. Note the wheels.

Yesssss, was the response and we climbed a dangerous looking makeshift metal ladder. There were two wheels attached at the lower end of it so that it can be moved from one place to another and the other end was tied with a chain to the barge. The distance between each step (rung) was approximately 1 and ½ feet and the ladder was shaking ! It was looking scary especially when coming down you get to see the sea beneath.


Last batch of the flock.

From the barge, it was a piece of art with a flock of flamingos enjoying their cuisine at a distance flying from left to right and quacking happily. They were just around a hundred of this beautiful creature, some standing on one leg and some other mushing with the mud. At far off background one could see some factories emitting smoke. A strange but true mix of two real worlds.

flamingos @lemonicks.com/

Look at the way they ‘scoop’ out their food.

Note:-It was a casual visit to the fort, no birding was planned… hence all shots are hand held without tripod or long lens. You can see some more photos of Flamingos here shot by me.
Directions:- See detailed directions to reach this place.
This is a place surrounded by boats & barges. It is about 15 min walking distance from the station.

The most important thing to remember is the tide timing. Flamingos can be seen from 2 hours before & after low tide. For example if the low tide is at 12 noon, the best time to watch flamingos is from 10 AM to 2 PM.
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21 thoughts on “Flamingos”

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  2. hey Nisha, i am not great photographer myself but like to click away anything that captures my attention.
    the first photo is appealing, i liked the composition… and you dont come across as unplanned 🙂
    .-= Sneha´s last [post] ..Goa, India travel video =-.

  3. Mridula,
    Thank you.

    I had seen this map before going there. But at the fort, we were told by locals that it is very muddy and unapproachable to reach there at that point of time… maybe because of rains.
    But next time if we go, we’ll go to Colgate-pamolive side for sure.

    Anyways, thanks. Much appreciated.

  4. Sneha,
    Clicking what captures one’s attention is my thing too.

    Liked the composition… ??? heh… if I tell you they were very far off in the sea and I was just walking down, what do say ?

    Thank you for your encouraging words. 😀

  5. Flamingos are so graceful!

    I saw some once, at the border between Bolivia and Chile, in the Andes. I don,t have closeups though!
    .-= Zhu´s last [post] ..A French Castle =-.

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  7. Nice pictures!! I am from Mauritius island and I am a photographer at Safari Adventures. I like these birds, specially their colors…By the way, here in Mauritius, you can interact with the lions.. walking and even caress them..

  8. Zhu,
    yes they are. Very peace loving creatures. 🙂

    Glad to have you here. I saw your site, it’s interesting.

    Thanks, keep coming. 🙂

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  13. Flamingos are such graceful creatures. This year we got some of them here in Hyderabad in Gandipet lake also…Though they have not opted for show business like the ones in Mumbai and were very camera shy… 🙂

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