15 thoughts on “God is everywhere

  1. That is so cool!
    Here in the US, fire hydrants are sometimes painted similarly…I’ve seen them painted like leprachauns, and gnomes and elves…I guess it just takes an artistic eye to make art out of seemingly nothing.

  2. Nice blog, interesting what you say about making gods. I will read more. I would like to follow but you don’t have the follow activated. I prefer that to RSS, I thinks it’s better. I will look at your other blogs too.


  3. Argentum Vulgaris,
    Welcome here on my blog.

    I am sorry to say that the approach you are taking to become popular or to gain readership is not good and not acceptable on this site.

    Your comments are always welcome. If they add value to the post, everybody will appreciate that.

    Sorry for being harsh but leaving your 3 different blogs’ links with each single comment is not ethical. Links are given when they relate to post in some way.
    You have been asked for one link with your comment, that’s enough. If your posts are good, believe me people will hunt you down.

    AV, you have referred me as a senior blogger… my advice to you… be patient. Things will happen.

    P.S.- I have removed the links from your comments. And I can see a few more of your comments which landed in spam because they contained so many links to your different blogs.

    Thanks for your visit, keep coming and this time without those links. 🙂

  4. It was one of the most enchanting things about India was the sight of the various gods and goddesses dangling from cars and shops fronts and wherever. This one on a rickshaw is especially striking. Mind you, in Indian traffic, you want the support of as many gods as you can muster.

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