Great Wall of Mumbai

Great Wall of Mumbai

A 2 Km stretch from Mahim to Dadar running along the western railway line in Mumbai was painted by some local enthusiasts on India’s independence day. Each artist was provided with a ‘piece’ of wall and raw material.

Some photos from the event. I have many more, will upload some other time.

Warli painting

great wall of Mumbai

great wall of Mumbai

These girls have strong message for their gender

Some of the paintings had great details

This one is spread on three ‘pieces’ of wall.

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  1. thanks for sharing all the artworks with us! liked some of them very much 🙂

    about the subscription you asked, by feed or by email? By feed is available to all posts. For any post, just add /feed to the post url. [It can also be seen through the feed icon on your browser]. If you are thinking about “subscription by email”, i will add some plugin for that.

  2. this 2 km road in comparison to not a very distant past was lined with huts and shacks and not a good sight early morning on way to work…

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