Hanging Garden

As a child I had seen an old movie in which the main couple sing a song in a garden and slide in a large shoe shaped slide. I thought how fascinating would it be to go up that shoe and slide down. All I knew was that this garden is in Bombay (now Mumbai).
When I came here, I enquired about this ‘shoe’ garden. V promptly corrected me that it is called ‘Hanging Garden’. It is a landmark too.
Wow ! How wonderful to have a shoe slide in a hanging garden ! Slide with a swing ?? I was excited no end.

But when I happened to visit it, I was so very upset.
First, Hanging Garden is not hanging from anywhere. 🙁
Perched at the top of Malabar Hill on its western side, this garden is actually a terraced garden sprawling on the slope of the hill. Perhaps this is the reason of its being named as the Hanging Gardens.

Second, unlike in the movie, the slide was very crowded with children and I saw a bleak chance to fight my way to go up. I had to come to terms that I was no more a child.

Today when I tried to recollect, I don’t remember anything about that movie except that shoe ! I am definitely growing old.
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8 thoughts on “Hanging Garden

  1. I’ve been smiling as I read your post…the hanging garden was a part of our childhood too when I lived in Bombay and the name was always the charming part of the place. The “shoe” was such an attraction for us and we really really looked forward to going there, which happened not so often, since we lived in the suburbs and a trip to Malabar hill was just once in a while.

  2. Its funny how a person’s perspective can change was they get a little older. I can only imagine that back when you were little not seeing you fight your way up just to slide down.

  3. What a wonderful post- you made me smile– especially the part about wishing you could get by all those kids to slide :)….as far as getting old, I think you can never get old- because you always have such a youthful outlook on everything!!

    Loved the pics!!

  4. I don’t remember having anything like this as a child. There should be more mini Disneylands and places for fantasy and fun like this even for adults so that we can be children again!

  5. There is also a park somewhere in out city that had a giant shoe like. I was pretty amused by it although I have not really played in there. It’s actually far from where we live but whenever I pass it, I wish I could slide on them just like the kids do. 🙂

  6. @Indian Bazaars:
    Yes. But now it is a pretty sad state of affairs.

    @Bluegreen Kirk:
    Yes, as we grow old, we change.:)

  7. @karen:
    Disneyland is a big thing. These are smaller parks which anyone can afford to go & enjoy … free of cost.

    SO do so one fine day. 😀

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