How to go to Sewri Jetty

Directions for going to Sewri fort or Sewri Jetty.

Flamingos having their cuisine.

By train:
– Get off at Sewree station (E), on the harbour line and walk towards north end of the platform as there is no exit from the south end for going to the eastern side.
– Cross the main road (Mahul Road) through railway crossing, take the Sewri Koliwada Road opposite.
– Continue on this road till you are on the fork of a ‘Y’ road and take the left of this ‘Y’ road.
– This will take you to a T junction where this road meets the Sewri Fort Road.
– If you are interested in seeing Sewri fort, you can see the stairs going up. Total walking is 10 minutes.
– If you are going to Sewri Jetty to watch Flamingos on mudflats, then turn right at this T junction and go ahead another half kilometer.
By road:
Take the IMAX Wadala road and take the turning for Sewree. If you’re coming from Chembur side, there is a left turn after the salt pan road. Continue along this road until you reach a crossroad near Godrej Foods. Take a right and go straight along this road (Mahul Road) until you reach Sewree Station.
If you’re coming from town or from the Western side, take R.A Kidwai Marg and cross over from West to East when you reach Sewree station. Once you are at Sewree station East, directions are the same as above.
By Bus:
Take any bus that ends at P.Thakeray Udyan/Sewree depot. Sewree Bus depot is located in Sewree West and so you have to cross over to eastern side. Follow the directions given above.
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16 thoughts on “How to go to Sewri Jetty

  1. @SM,
    Thank you. This picture was from my last visit.

    That’s what always happens. I never saw Qutub Minar when I was in Delhi and now if I want to, I have to specially go there. 🙂

  2. I have stayed in Chembur for so long, used the Sewri road (BPT road) to commute to Fort regularly and yet, never knew this! Will try soon!

  3. Thank you very much for the information! Do you know if flamingos are there in April or is it too late already? And also is there the best time in the day to see them? I’ve read you need to go there really early in the morning to see any flamingos

  4. Nataliya,
    I am sorry, it is late now. Best month is February and the time is mornings. 🙂

    There is also a place called Uran in New Mumbai where Flamingos come and they stay till March end or so. I haven’t been able to visit it till now.

    Where are you based at?

  5. Nisha,
    Thank you for the reply! I also thought it is late, but then I’ve noticed that BNHS is organising a flamingo watch visit to Serwi even on the 27th of April! This is too late for me, so I thought to go on my own, but now i’m confused, if any flamingos are waiting for me =)
    I am in Mumbai (Banrdra) till the 16ht of April

  6. Nataliya,
    I am sorry, don’t know how this comment was left unanswered. 🙁

    So, could you go there finally? Could you see Flamingos?

    Where are you now?
    Do let me know when you come next time. Will try to meet up.

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