It’s dawn here !

They say Mumbai (formerly Bombay) city never sleeps and it gets up for its chores even before the Sun rays decide to touch the earth. The lights in high rise buildings will vouch for it.

Dawn in mumbai

Night slipping away…

As outdoor light starts sifting through, the indoor lights start hiding or taking a day break. Morning aroma and chirping of birds bring in some serenity to our lives.

Dawn in mumbai

Blue sky of dawn.

And then a whip of fresh air caresses my face, some more light pats me softly to remind that the day has actually started and I should return to chaos of daily life.

Dawn in mumbai

Some more light.

And I leave my unfinished dream for another day……..

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27 thoughts on “It’s dawn here !

  1. What a gorgeous way to begin the day! I’ve never seen a blue dawn like this one and it’s fantastic as are your photos, Nisha! I love the colored lights in the building against the sky! Beautiful! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  2. What a superb picture essay- and lovely (poetical) words to accompany it!! This was beautiful. LOVED IT!!!

    p.s. Just saw Sneha today- what a lovely visit!! We’ve decided you need to visit the States- and she will too – and then the three of us can meet up 🙂

  3. True, Mumbai never sleeps I guess its the Cat & Mouse battle of Life and Survival that never lets it sleep 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog, those pics were clicked at Gorai beach.

  4. @Connie,
    Terima kasih. 🙂

    And I am not talking to you both. But do tell me more about your meeting… where, how…

    Ha Ha.. I will sure come to US to meet you. The urge is overwhelming now. 😀

  5. @Vinni,
    Welcome to my site. Right, everyday we fight to survive. 🙂

    Gorai beach? How is it compared to Juhu beach in terms of cleanliness & crowd?

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