Marine Drive at night

Take a break from foreign locales and enjoy the Queen’s necklace.

The famous Marine Drive of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is fondly called Queen’s necklace. Your visit to Mumbai is not considered complete without a visit to this place.
But if you want to go there just to check in your list of places in this city, please do not go. It does not have anything to offer to such visitors. You have to live & experience the place. The visit is free but it takes your time and your thoughts. Even locals come here from faraway places at every occasion.
… To celebrate the first monsoon showers, to get soaked in heavy Mumbai rains or sprinkles of high tides, to relish the evenings with pop corn and cold drinks, to jog in the mornings, to take an undisturbed afternoon nap under the sky, to play with friends, to watch the sunset with icecream, to admire the necklace at night, to be left alone, to be a part of the crowd and the list goes so on…
This was my umpteenth visit there.

The cool nice breeze caressing my hair but careful enough not to disturb the sleepy water,
soundless illuminations of three big weddings at a distance near a stadium,
white fluffy clouds gently approaching us and
a cozy couple sitting a few yards away musing over the intricacies of life….

A perfect evening at Queen’s necklace.

After sometime, it was turn of a father assuring and guiding his son the facts of life…. under the soft yellow mellow light.

On turning back I saw two dogs oblivious of expensive cars in most expensive area in the world and the people around, rollicking, frolicking on the promenade just as they would do at any other place. Don’t get me wrong but I loved them for what they were 😀 …. as if teaching us to be what you are.

And then it was time to go home leaving the deserted necklace to be adorned & admired the next day again.

I took these shots a few days back when we both sat, watched and mused over the crowd and the traffic together.

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25 thoughts on “Marine Drive at night

  1. I agree- it’s not a place to tick off, but a place to relax and watch life around you!

    Btw, yes, i did realize issue with my link to your blog. But, for some reason, blogger wasn’t able to identify the correct feed. let me try again!

  2. Marine Drive is the only place I ever been in Mumbai. It is beautiful. I lived in a guest house on Marine Drive and enjoyed.

  3. I loved the pictures- but even more than the pictures, I loved your accompanying words. They were poetic in nature and captured a ‘picture’ in my head which really made your photos all the better. LOVED this post!!!!!

  4. Hi Nisha! One day I’ll see this…

    Blogtrotter Two has a sunset cruise for you! Enjoy the cocktails and the views and have a great weekend!!

  5. Mridula,
    Although there is always a mini tripod in my camera case, it wasn’t of any use this time. So, I kept my camera on the platform itself and clicked shots. The shots were not hand held. 🙂

    Thank you.

  6. Pooja,
    Thank you, I liked the 2nd one. And one more of the moon which I haven’t posted.

    Keep coming.

    Welcome here.

    Do so soon. And btw, Your photos are giving me complex.
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Marine Drive at night =-.

  7. Anjuli,
    You are always so encouraging, sometimes I wonder whether I really deserve such praise. Thank you very much for boosting my moral always. People like you make me go farther with my insane thoughts. 😀

    See my answer to Mridula. The camera was kept on the platform but the shots are clicked in night mode.

    Even I’ll see sunset cruise one day. 😛
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Marine Drive at night =-.

  8. I have witnessed it so many times. Most remember-able one while descending to Mumbai Airport in night..The picture you have taken is great. The image reminds me of one of my favourite couplets of poet Mazaaz who wrote about it while describing his lonely days at Mumbai..

    शहर की रात और मैं नाशाद-ओ-नाकारा फिरूँ
    जगमगाती जागती सड़कों पे आवारा फिरूँ
    गैर की बस्ती है कब तक दर-ब-दर मारा फिरूँ ?
    ऐ गम-ए-दिल क्या करूँ, ऐ वहशत-ए-दिल क्या करूँ ?

    झिलमिलाते कुमकुमों की राह में, जंजीर सी
    रात के हाथों में दिन की, मोहनी तसवीर सी
    मेरे सीने पर मगर ,दहकी हुई शमशीर सी
    ऐ गम-ए-दिल क्या करूँ ? ऐ वहशत-ए-दिल क्या करूँ ?,/b>
    .-= Manish Kumar´s last [post] ..चित्र पहेली 14 : क्या आपने देखी है हरे – हरे गोलाकार घेरों से भरी ऐसी झील ? =-.

  9. Marine Drive has restored some of the past glory and in turn pride back to the place for us living here. It is the combined magic of the sea and the road naturally hugging the sea as it curves along with it, that makes it seeing, breathing, absorbing and soaking it such a beautiful experience.

    Seeing Marine Drive from childhood to now as an adult it has remained a constant. A constant that is assuring in this fast paced life of ours. Of course it has moods wide and varied- which is why we love it in its every avataar:)
    .-= Mee´s last [post] ..This post has been selected by Blogadda’s Tangy Tues’s =-.

  10. Manish,
    You have written some very wonderful lines. Looks like he has written sitting at the place where I clicked photos. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing them. Made my day.

    Yes, very true.
    I fully agree with you. Though I haven’t spent my childhood here, it excites & soothes me like it does to you. 🙂
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..A quick update =-.

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