Rains in Mumbai

Today my city is pouring since night and there is no sign of Sun.

cloudy sky @lemonicks.com

I’ll be contented to see this kind of sky today.

We had to go to airport to drop somebody and Mumbai roads were at their best with open drains, potholes and traffic jams. Fortunately, the flight got delayed because of bad weather and so they could board the plane. 🙂

Right ! I should not complain about rains but can we have some sun please ?

For more beautiful skies around the world visit Skywatch.

19 thoughts on “Rains in Mumbai

  1. I love skies like that. We almost never get a whole day of rain, our rain comes in afternoon thunderstorms which quickly move out.

  2. nice picture. it is raining in delhi too

    i stumbled upon your blog accidentally through one of your comments on my blog. incidentally you seems to have changed your blog couple of times in last two years!

  3. @Deepak,
    Yes, I totally agree with you. 🙂

    Aapne mere Facebook par barish ka photo dekha? That photo won me first prize also. 🙂

  4. @AI,
    Ah, we can have heavy downpours for days together. 🙂

    I enjoy rains when I am home or out to enjoy them. 🙂

    Mumbai & B’lore both are alike when roads & traffic are compared. 🙂

  5. Beautiful sky up there. You’ve got great pics out here… brilliant photography, and yeah we’re in the monsoons, so bad weather everywhere and for everyone… 🙂

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