Skyline and the sky

Skyline and sky
These days I never cease to look out of my window. It’s such a lovely scene.
Monsoons have arrived and the surroundings are lush velvety green with some trees and water bodies thrown around.

Skyline and sky. I can see skyline at a distance, desperately trying to reach out to clouds. Instead, clouds come down to touch them. 🙂

skyline and sky

Skyline and the sky.

I can also see some hills covered in green carpet. The misty air is fresh and unpolluted.

Skyline and sky

Green carpet covering the hills.

It feels like sitting in heaven with a cup of tea reading newspaper in the morning.

Do I need to go anywhere? Don’t say no, because I will. 😛

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21 thoughts on “Skyline and the sky

  1. That’s a beautiful panorama, and a sky that’s full of the promise of rain! (Clearly your skies deliver on that promise often, given how green it is there!) I love the skyline shot, but its the hills that speak to me. 🙂

  2. I like the green part of the pictures, it’s difficult to like the concrete towers, but I guess that’s the part that WE know how to make. I remember travelling along the Konkan coast a few years ago and it was still so pristine in some parts – its landscape and its architecture! Sometimes, you wish nothing would change in nature and yet, that would happen only if WE didnot exist!

  3. Answer to your question at my blog: There’s a bridge connecting Bayfront MRT to Gardens by the bay. This bridge passes through Marina Bay Sands… clicked from this bridge

  4. Nice pictures..the monsoons are really amazing 🙂
    Evn I put up a few pics that I clicked during Delhi’s first rain on Friday on my blog..would be grt if you chk them out 🙂

  5. Awesome captures, Nisha! You do live very close to heaven, and all I can see from my window is cement and concrete 🙁 sigh… lucky you! 🙂

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