The Elephanta Caves – IV

I thought my previous post would be the last one on Elephanta caves but a question from Sam which he popped up on my other blog made me write this one. The question was “How long does it take for a complete trip of Elephanta caves?”

Well, to be frank.. if you are young and energetic and have no problems climbing up the hill, you can very well cover it in a day.
However, a few things before you start off the expedition.

1. Try to reach the Gateway of India early in the morning. The timings at the caves are 9 a.m -5.30 p.m. and it takes around 45 minutes to reach the island. Reaching early to the island also helps in case you want some rest in between the climbs especially when the sun is on your head.
2. The boat tickets for return journey are for Rs 120/- each and Rs 10/- to the boat guy if you want to go to upper deck. For foreign nationals the ticket is for $5 or so.

3. Once you reach the island and cross the main entrance gate, a long steep flight of sharp stone steps await you. You’ll find 2-3 eating joints/ restaurants (not very good ones) on reaching the top steps. This is the only place where you can get bottled water and cooked food though, later, you will find nimbupani wallahs at every turn of the climb.

4. Many people return back after seeing the caves alone. Make up your mind before climbing up for other spots like Canon hill etc. Also, don’t forget to carry your own water. You’ll need plenty of it.

5. The ferry services are suspended during monsoons i.e. June to mid September.

Note:- I have added some more pictures of the trip to my album.

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10 thoughts on “The Elephanta Caves – IV

  1. lovely viewing the life around this place…all these make a place look more beautiful & add vibrancy to the place…well captured photos!

  2. i’ve never heard of elephanta caves, but thanks for posting the pictures… i especially enjoyed the sculptures and the ruins 😀

  3. Your post on Elephanta ( time, what all to see etc) is real informative. For past 2 times I have skipped this trip…thinking I might not be able to take due to time constraints. Now I feel next time elephanta might not be “that un achievable”….!

  4. Cyberpunk,
    Welcome aboard and thank you very much.

    Keep visiting.

    Thank you. Yes, you are right. At least the caves can be seen even with half a day if you are in city side. Go next time.

    Anil P,
    Thank you Anil. That’s my favourite as well. 🙂

    Keep coming.

  5. Kalyan,
    Thank you.

    Oh sorry PM for not mentioning it. In fact I have a few pictures of monkeys or people driving them away . Will add to it.

    Thank you. And I agree. It looks like you are originally from Mumbai. Somewhere I read you were in Bandra, right ?

  6. had a wonderful time there,
    we pulled off a coup , we trekked down from the gun point to the village, but wouldn’t recommend it to most people

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