Off to Uttarakhand …

I am off to Uttarakhand to do some hiking in Himalayas. Can you imagine it is my first visit to that state? Dehradoon, Mussourie, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Nainital…. the state has so many beautiful & alluring places but I have never been to any of them.
BackpackTomorrow early morning we will start our journey. The duration will be around 3 weeks.

There is no fixed return date as we do not have fixed itinerary. This year Uttarakhand is experiencing heavy rains, landslides, cloudbursts etc. Keeping that in mind we have kept some buffer days for bad weather. Let us see what it has to offer when we are there.

V has taken a break from his extremely busy job and is accompanying me on this trip.

So, it is two of us. Backpacking.

We have booked only the train tickets to reach till Haridwar. Rest all is unplanned, unbooked. We will find our way. 😀

Challenges we face:

– We are backpacking so no suitcases or strolley. Whatever we can carry on our backs is going with us.
– There is electricity problem beyond Rishikesh. I heard some places have electricity for max 4 hours a day. It’s a challenge then to be at the hotel (or our place of stay) when electricity Goddess wants to bless us to be able to charge our 3 mobile phones, 1 laptop, 3 cameras & rechargeable torch batteries etc.
– No electricity means no laundry or washing machine in the vicinity. We need to carry more clothes.
– No electricity also means very little internet connection or interaction with online world.
– For most of the time, there won’t be any coverage for our cellphones.
– Bad weather, heavy rains with landslides. Let’s see how it welcomes us.

Things we are carrying:
– Besides other typical things like clothes, footwear, toiletries, medicines etc, we are also carrying some food or energy bars, dry fruits, ready to drink tea/coffee sachets. There will be days when we’ll hike for 14 Kms uphill at a stretch without any proper stop; not even a roadside kiosk for food. These food items will keep us going.

things to carry for hiking

Energy bars (Sugarless & with sugar), Nescafe sachets, dry fruits and so on.

– In gadgets we have decided to carry only one laptop. No other compromise. 🙂
– Rain coats, quick dry clothes, quilted jackets, woolen caps, etc. are part of our baggage.
– Every time we go to remote places, we feel the local people, especially children are deprived of many basic things. And we always try to do our bit. This time is no different. 🙂

things to carry for hiking

Dozens of sketch pens, notebooks & other such things to distribute among local kids.

So, that’s all from me. I have scheduled a few posts and whenever we are in a reasonably bigger town, we’ll try to connect.
See ya soon.
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13 thoughts on “Off to Uttarakhand …”

  1. I had a smile when I read about electricity problem. I have been to all those places and till-date I have faced no electricity but not an issue. I have always charged mobile, laptop. Laundry was not a problem but yes, costly(laundry) because there is water shortage and that is why prices are high. Anyways, Have a nice journey and take care because it is raining. Good Shoes are important. Cheers!!!

  2. Fantastic, Nisha!! all the best!! i cant imagine ever going on a trip like that… unplanned yes, but backpacking, no! and while i do love to walk, full scale trekking is not really my cup of tea! I envy u ppl who actually do it,and i am going to look forward to your pics and travelogues! hey, and carrying books etc for the kids? thats just wonderful!!! have a great time!

  3. I wish I could be going with you. I do hope you have a GREAT time- will be praying for your safe journey there and back. Will look forward to hearing ALL about it.

  4. @Appu,
    Oh,you never told me about laundry facility. I would have brought lesser clothes. Right now I am carrying only 15 tops. 😀
    Shhhh… I am glad V doesn’t read my posts. 😛

    Ok, if you could tell me what is the current status of NH58?

  5. @Anu,
    This is our kind of travel and we’ve done it many times…. me done solo as well. This kind of travel keeps us grounded and gives immense satisfaction.

    Yeah, since long we have been doing this for children. Even then this is nothing compared to what we should do as human beings. The topic deserves a separate post. Why & how we started. V will be the right person to write about it. I’ll request him. 🙂

  6. @Connie,
    Thanks for all your wishes. Sure, let’s do it when i come to your country. 🙂

    I am enjoying commenting like this sitting in train. So far so good. Hail net connection.

  7. That’s the way to go! I am green with envy, can you see? Of course, I am happy for you and I look forward hearing from your hike. Be safe!

  8. WOW, Nisha! Have been to some of these places but never had a chance to do some hiking! I just cant wait to hear more from you… Have a safe and a very pleasant journey 🙂

  9. Current status – sorry I don’t know because I am far far away but more than one month back work was going on. Do not worry travelers travel.

  10. So almost every body envies you, I do but that’s nothing new. Must be having a great time, will look forward to your saga, until then have a nice time Nisha!

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