Once in a millennium ?

Do you believe if I say I was a part of “Once in a millennium” meet ?

It all started with letters coming in from relatives and friends living abroad. As a child I used to collect pretty stamps stuck on envelopes of all shapes & sizes and cards of different countries and I guess, my passion for travel started from there.

Looking at those attractive stamps & finding out stories about them had become my pastime. I learnt much about the countries they came from and I dreamt of travelling to those beautiful places one day.
While I am still pursuing my dream in my own little way, the fascination of collecting stamps remained with me.. albeit in a different manner. 🙂

Postcrossing @lemonicks.com

This card was sent by a member.

I swap postcards within my friend circle but more importantly, I usually send picture postcards to myself whenever I am abroad… a self serving person? It works out well for me. Besides having those precious postcards and stamps, it also refreshes the beautiful memories of the place I send them from.

Postcrossing @lemonicks.com

Letter boxes for different cities.

After much reluctance, around 4 months back I joined Postcrossing, a simple way of exchanging postcards and stamps with like minded people across the globe. Why so late? Because I felt very awkward sending a personalized letter to strangers.

My activity at this site is yet to pick up speed. But more than that I wanted to ‘meet’ these people. Fortunately, the day was not far off. The annual Postcrossing meet was decided for 11 AM on 11.11.11. What a memorable day it was to be!

Postcrossing @lemonicks.com

From an enthusiast’s collection.

The location of this event itself was a fitting one … General Post Office (GPO) at Mumbai. The building, in Indo Saracenic style of architecture, is one of those ‘not to be missed’ in Mumbai. Mumbai GPO is the biggest Post Office in the country and one of the biggest in the world.
Photography is prohibited so did not take many photos of the building.
We assembled at philately section of the GPO and were soon busy with standing in different queues for browsing & buying First day covers, new commemorative stamps issued, picture postcards, collector’s items etc. Each one of us was interested in showing off his/her collection including exotic 3D cards and making others a shade greener with envy. 🙂

Postcrossing @lemonicks.com

Cancellation of 11.11.11.

The highlight of the meet was the special cancellation designed for the special date – 11/11/11. Some of us were ready with their homework, having written a bunch of postcards & letters at home ! Now the only thing remained for them was to stick a stamp and get the cancellation done.

Soon we all took turns to get our envelopes and postcards stamped and cancelled. We also sent postcards signed by all of us present at the meet to other international & domestic members who could not attend the meet.
Since it was a special day, members of Philately Association and some other crazy individuals were also present. 🙂

Postcrossing @lemonicks.com

Some painstakingly beautiful hand-made cards.

Postcrossing @lemonicks.com

and some ready made but equally beautiful ones.

The meet ended in a café with all of us getting to know each other. We all were from different background. We exchanged notes, contacts details and of course, our knowledge on this hobby.

Why it was “Once in a millennium” occasion; I am still not sure and need to ask the postal department. 🙂
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  1. was wondering what happened to this post!! nice! u managed to capture those post boxes!!! I wanted to, but desisted because photography was not allowed ! i guess u took the pic from outside???

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