Photos from my glorious trip

Here are some photos from my recent trip. Can you guess the places or things ? At least some of them ?
No cheating. No Google. Okay ?


Even the dark clouds could not deter the big banyan tree from looking into the mirror of serene water.


The waterfall… which place is this ? 🙂

Lonar crater

You need minimum of 4 & 1/2 hours for this hiking.


And you get these to give you company alongwith with wolves, peacocks… plenty of variety.


Some of the sculptures were… umm… speachless

Ajanta painting

The famous Ajanta painting. They don’t allow flash or tripod inside the caves.

Ajanta painting

A closer look.. inspite of so much care the paintings are in dilapidated condition.

Aurangzeb tomb

As per his wish, this guy’s tomb was made with Rs 14.75.00

Note:- More photos are being uploaded on Picasa and Facebook.

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19 thoughts on “Photos from my glorious trip”

  1. I have not been there, so only guessing….
    Is it Aurangabad? Looks like Ajanta & Ellora cave paintings. The last picture looks like it was shot at the tomb of Aurangazeb.

    May be you would like to check out my blog for the gleaming white Tomb of Hoshang Shah, which was an inspiration for the construction of the Taj Mahal?

  2. Lakshmi,
    Thank you.

    Yes, you are absolutely right in all the guesses. 🙂

    I had read your post thru reader, maybe I should go there physically & comment. 🙂

    Thank you.

    Not the sculptures ? 😀

    I have some more interesting photos of this waterfall. Keep watching.

  3. A, Renu,
    Thank you. Yeah, they are beautiful.

    Wait for some more photos of falls.

    Ajanta Ellora are two diff sets of caves in two different directions. My bad, I came to know of it now while visiting the place!! I had always assumed they are together.

    The paintings are from Ajanta caves. 🙂

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