Positive vibes of Rudraprayag

Positive vibes of Rudraprayag
Rudraprayag is a small pilgrim town in Uttrakhand and one can not call it a touristy place. Hence it is not on the map of vacation lists of most people.
But that doesn’t mean it is an unpopular place.

Just as the town is on the holy confluence of rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini, it is also at the conjunction of roads leading to Badrinath and Kedarnath Dham. Almost all the people going to these shrines stop here for a change of bus or to have lunch en route their journey.
rudraprayag temple @lemonicks.com

The confluence of rivers Mandakini & Alaknanda

However, I think it can be treated as a stopover place.
The entire region is blessed with immense natural beauty, lakes and places of religious importance. Apart from the main market road, where you hear nothing but chaotic sounds of buses & taxis; the town is a quiet place.

mandakini river @lemonicks.com

Beautiful view of the river Mandakini flowing merrily

The locals are very simple and peace loving people. School kids were as bubbly & fun loving as kids from any other place.
I liked to roam around in narrow lanes of this town and felt the simplicity in everything. Even though the life in hills is always very tough, I could sense the gratification in the air.

In cities, we howl at every little thing including potholes on the road; the people of this small town braved landslides everyday with ease. There was no yelling or blaming, only patience.

landslide at rudraprayg @lemonicks.com

Landslide: A vehicle was caught in debris & overturned. Traffic jams are way of life.

Next time I will make sure to stay here for more number of days.
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15 thoughts on “Positive vibes of Rudraprayag

  1. I remember Rudraprayag well,though it has been alnost 20 years since I went there…. we were on our way to kedarnath, and had stopped at the prayag… seeing the force of the river and the colours, I was really impressed!
    In fact, the whole tour was a revelation!! I could imagine the rivers in different colours and hues thanks to their difference forces and appearance and for the first time could understand why india was called the land of milk and honey! the rivers looked like milk and honey themselves!
    of course, in the two decades since ive been there, much would have changed.. we are planning a trip maybe next year or the year after.. lets see how it looks to my eyes now!

  2. @Anu,
    This was first ever visit there but I could not enjoy it fully because of my illness. I am quite impressed with the place though.

    The color of water was a bit muddy since it is a rainy season.

    I would want to go there as soon as possible…. maybe next year but then you never know. 🙂

  3. I visited the place a long long time back on the way to Badrinath for Lunch. It was a beautiful place back then, and hopefully its still the same…all the ‘prayags’ in Uttarakhand are worth a stop-over or a visit!

  4. Beautiful place .Loved the pictures.Uttrakhand has a special place in my heart as i originally belong to this state.This dusherra we are planning a trip there ,hope it materializes .

    A Very Happy Janamashtami To You Nisha .

  5. Nice writeup! First heard about this place in Jim Corbett’s story about the man-eater leopard which had terrorized the residents as well as pilgrims going towards Badrinath..We had a brief stop here for lunch on the way to valley of flowers. It is definitely worth a stopover!

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