Pondicherry a.k.a. Puducherry

Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry, is a blend of spiritual & cultural institution. French colonial heritages, Tamil culture and a cosmopolitan form are part of its life.

Having only 24 hours to see a place such as Pondicherry is like abusing it. Anyhow, we tried to cover as much as possible not to count them but enjoy and cherish the moments.

Pondicherry’s beauty lies in its un-spoilt beaches, clean and wide streets and well laid out parks and gardens. The sprawling serene premises of world famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram along with city’s temples, churches and impressive monuments are worth visiting sites.

This was an early morning shot with sky full of clouds. The sun could not come out and it rained as well. 🙁

The Department of Tourism of Pondicherry organizes the annual French Food festival also called the Gourmet which is another attraction for the tourists here.

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9 thoughts on “Pondicherry a.k.a. Puducherry

  1. I heard of it as a French, but I don’t even know this history – unlike Algeria, Vietnam etc. What were the French doing in India?

    Anyway, it’s funny to read French in that part of the world.

  2. Zhu,
    The Romans came to Pondicherry for trade in the 1st century AD. After that Pondicherry passed hands into many dynasties of Southern India before finally the first Europeans set foot on Pondy soil in 1497 in the form of the Portuguese who set up a trading post in the 1600s.
    The Danes and the Dutch followed before the French period of Pondicherry began after a scuffle with the Danes. It was established as a well planned and rich town.
    When the rest of India gained independence in 1947, Pondy still lay in French hands. Merger with India did not come till 1954 when the French ceded control although a formal treaty enforcing the cession was signed in as recent as in 1963.

    There are still a large number of Tamil residents here who retain their French passports-descendants of locals who preferred to retain their French nationalities at the time of cessation.

    I hope that gives you a small background. 🙂

  3. Hi Nisha! Another week has passed without a chance to drop by. It seems time runs faster when you get to a certain age… 😉
    Interesting post and quite instructive reply to Zhu! Always learning…

    Blogtrotter is trying to have fun in the Turkish Riviera. Enjoy and have a marvellous weekend!

  4. Missed that thread … yes been there more than 3/4 times with varied groups … so varied tastes and varied locations to see … so i love the place and more keenly remeber those places … 🙂

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