The French Connection

I am starting with a place in India where French is as common as it’s other local language. One can see name plates, sign boards, shops and people, all with something French in them. For last 3-4 years the local Govt is promoting the local language in a big way and on the face of it, it doesn’t look the locals know French but utter a few words and they’ll guide you correctly.

To see this place I had just 24 hours which are way too less if you really want to enjoy the beauty of it.

Can you guess this place ?

12 thoughts on “The French Connection

  1. Neeraj,
    I knew, I knew it ! I wanted to know who could that intelligent person be. 😛

    I have removed the tag for the time being. 😀

  2. Manish,
    What all could you see in those 24 hours ?

    Shivanand, Ram, Zhu,
    Yup ! It’s a French colony.

    Looks like you are well versed with this place. 😀

  3. I took a tourism bus for half a day. Two things which I can never forget was the Aubindo temple under construction with majestic dome & cycles on those pollution free streets. And I heard that in morning CM comes and read news paper in road side tea shop !

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