Wandering Wednesday Photo – Authority !

Early morning, we were walking back to our hotel from Rock beach in Puducherry. Truckloads of oranges were just offloaded and I stopped to take some pictures.

Suddenly this boy appeared from nowhere and waited for me to finish. Then with much authority he ‘ordered’ me to click a photo of him along with these oranges. I could do nothing but to oblige. 🙂

After the shot, he came like a pro to check the photo on my Digicam’s screen and said “Good job. It came out well.” .

And then he went off. No, he didn’t ask for the photo. He was satisfied that I knew how to shoot. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday Photo – Authority !

  1. wow…that’s a lot of oranges. did’nt the boy ask you for the photograph? A kid once asked me for his photo after I had taken it. It was difficult to explain to him that it was a digicam and I need to process the pic and just cannot give the ‘pic’ to him 🙂

    Thanks for stopping at my blog Nisha. You have a lovely blog. I love the yellow.

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