A quiet evening in Kanha

As you would know I have just returned from Kanha national park, a Tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary. Jungle life is so exciting and thrilling. Travel Gods, if there are any, thank you. I was fortunate enough to see tigers, please note the plural. πŸ˜€ Actually, to say, I just spotted a tiger would be an understatement. πŸ™‚

sunset kanha wildlife @lemonicks.com

Gorgeous sunset from the hillock.

So, did I move to another park once the tiger sighting was done?
No. I am a slow traveller. If things are in my hands, I like to soak in a place before moving to another. Remember my tagline “Travelling is counting no. of memories, not places.” ? πŸ™‚
Shall I mention that I spent four nights in Kanha instead of rushing to another national park that was offered to me.

The result was very satisfying. Not only I could see and enjoy abundance of wildlife with umpteen number of birds (photos will come later), I also saw Jackals, spotted deers, sambhar deer, barking deer, elephants, Bison, Langoors etc.
I visited a house in the village, made of only mud & cowdung. I got a taste of Mahua, a local alcohol drink and learnt how they make it.

sunset kanha wildlife @lemonicks.com

A quiet sunset from the hillock.

One evening I hiked to a rocky hillock for this sunset, on another walked down to a river for a cup of tea on an awesome evening.

sunset kanha wildlife @lemonicks.com

I watched the moon & watched the fire flies dancing. I heard some interesting stories from the naturalist. I listened to crickets and frogs in the silence of jungle. I made new friends and discussed numerous things in this world.

sunset kanha wildlife @lemonicks.com

I went to a local market. I learnt some recipes from the Chef. Not for a moment I missed the online world. It was a no internet, no mobile network world.

sunset kanha wildlife @lemonicks.com

sunset kanha wildlife @lemonicks.com

All are busy in their own world.

In short, I lived contentful six days. Now the question. How do you like to spend your holidays?

P.S.- I went on this trip on an invite from Pugdundee Safaris.

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25 thoughts on “A quiet evening in Kanha

  1. Communing with nature in a quiet place is so soothing to the mind and spirit. Your sojourn sounds lovely – as are your sky photos! How wonderful you got to see and appreciate so much wildlife – the tigers had to be especially thrilling to see! What a privilege!

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    1. Thank you.

      We didn’t want to rush from one place to another just to have a count. Wanted to pause, soak in the place and then enjoy. I am glad that we decided to do that. πŸ™‚

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