RIP, The common Man

The common man

has left us.
For over half a century, we have been waking up to him. And the cartoonist, RK Laxman who created the iconic comic strip died yesterday due to multi organ failure at the age of 94.

the common man
You said it! The Common Man represented hopes, aspirations, troubles and perhaps even foibles of the average Indian, through this daily comic strip.

R K Laxman cartoonist

Thank you Laxman for all the smiles, the political education, and of course that humour. Now we have lost our sense of humor.

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12 thoughts on “RIP, The common Man

  1. RK Laxman was one of the first cartoonists I knew by name. And since I was only a little child when I first discovered him’ I have followed his work ever since. Big respect for him, and I thnk he lived a long and accomplished life. He continues to live trough his work…

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