Seven Hour Bliss

Note:- 1. You may skip this post if you are not familiar with Delhi.
2. The slide show is at the end of this post.

From Delhi

For me it is company that matters and not the place but hang on.. .. not here, not in this case. This place is different and every bit of it matters. Yes, Delhi.

I have spent a major chunk of my life in Delhi but have never enjoyed it as contentedly as I did a few days back. Perhaps the city was always taken for granted. After moving out of Delhi, I realized what and how much I missed it..
There is a saying in Hindi “Ghar ki murgi daal barabar”, near meaning would be “The things close to us are never valued”.

Off late, I have been frequenting Delhi quite often but always on short trips and on the run; can not even afford to travel by train which I love so much.
This time was no different, though the trip was a bit longer. In the midst of chaotic expected rites when I was on the verge of crashing down, DH joined me for a day on a Sunday, but poor guy had to wait till my meeting got over at 1:30 PM. Then we had around seven hours to relive our Delhi before his outbound flight.

The pilgrimage started with declining the offer of a car ride and taking the Delhi Metro which till this visit had eluded me.
Once we reached CP, we walked and walked and walked. Central Park, Palika bazaar, all the familiar blocks, Nirula’s, Mohan Singh place, CoffeeHome all looked so very own. There was a constant pleased smile on my face. 🙂

With sandals in my one hand and an orange bar in the other, I again walked the full length from Rajpath to India Gate feeling the crisp green grass under my feet, enjoying the boat club and brass band of ITBPF which was playing Hindi songs.

Blooming February flowers, balloons, school kids, foreigners, kulfis and ice creams .. It was a day to savour and cherish.

During this heavenly break, all the irresistible mouth-watering typical Delhi stuffs were tried starting with Chole-Kulche. Slurrrrrp !!

I know I know, this all looks so obvious and boring but be out of the place for some months then let me know.

Later, more familiar places were passed through like Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Teen Murti, Chanakyapuri, Willington Crescent, Dhaula Kuan before ending the


pilgrimage that beautiful evening at Haat where some ethnic clothes and my favourite Punjabi juttis were damn lucky to become mine. Yes, you guessed it right, shopping time. 😀
Poor DH had no choice but to comply with my idea of fun.

OK, my pictures are waiting to say something for a while now.

The slide show is best viewed on full screen.

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15 thoughts on “Seven Hour Bliss

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  2. so ab to pakka ho hi gya hai.. Officially Mubaarak ho!!

    @delhi: jagah to amazing hai ji.. upar slide show mein khaaana(kadhai mein jo hai) dekh ke to .. uff maazaa aa gaya!!

  3. 🙂
    Thank you.

    Yes, khana to laajawab tha. I must have tried at least 25 different dishes… alu-tikki, papri chat, kulfi, cornetto, gajar halwa, murgi-chena, some italian dishes at Ruby Tuesday and awadhi dinner. Actually many more…. 😀

  4. WoW…the ride of this city through your lens is absolutely amazing. It looks so much more beautiful, clean and heavenly…the pictures really needs no more words, they speak by themselves…Delhi indeed intrigues me every time, I visit there too…a wonderful collage of pics!

  5. umm…never been a fan of this city, but your post puts it in a different light

  6. Oye! You came to Dilli??? Meri Dilli?

    You gotta let me know when you come next..lets try and meet up even if for 15 mins!!

  7. Hi,
    Wow, what a coincidence! I love this post.

    Both of us in Delhi around the same time and loving this time’s experience for some extra reasons, one of them being the superb Metro.

    Another coincidence about the walk on Rajpath too, as I’ve mentioned in my blog. Ain’t that cute as well?

    I had a lot of good food in Delhi, and ended up the last evening at Karim’s opposite Juma Masjid. It was crazy stuffy crowded, and as always food was good. 🙂

  8. Hi, this week was another hectic one, so I’m sorry to have been a bit absent. Anyhow TGIF, so I managed to drop by to see some wonderful pictures. Loved the collage and definitely should have tried the Metro 🙁
    India Gate was quite busy while you were there.
    Hope you enjoy Oia and its fabulous sunset at Blogtrotter. For Delhi, you’ll have to wait… ;))
    Have a great weekend!

  9. yaar.. dilli ki baat hi kuch aur hai… will be gng there for holi.. just a weekend trip but trust me.. everytime i go there i really end up iking it a lot mroe.. n the childhood memories get kinda refreshed…

  10. I was asked to visit your site by a blogger and so here I am!

    You have a neat space here. Very lively and chirpy, if I may say so.

    Loved the pics on this post. I did not know India has Tropical Smoothie!

  11. Even though Delhi is often crowded and tires you out, for me it always brings to mind pleasant memories – we used to do family day trips to CP and Pallika bazar when we were kids.

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