Hindi Cheeni bhai bhai !!

Soldiers at Nathu La pass.
Irrespective of their country should not they be applauded for doing their duties without fear of sun or rain to guard their countries and countrymen ?

soldiers in Nathu la @lemonicks.com

An Indian soldier…..

Although I chatted with him for a few minutes and he spoke about life in Nathu La and back home; I am not writing here his name or regiment because it doesn’t matter. These brave men are above these petty things.

soldiers in Nathu la @lemonicks.com

A Chinese soldier …

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5 thoughts on “Hindi Cheeni bhai bhai !!

  1. Sankara,
    Yup. 🙂

    Besides looks, I really didn’t find any difference between 2 sets of soldiers there. Given the choice, they wouldn’t want to be there.

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