Shoh, a game from Sikkim

It is a traditional game of Sikkim, called SHOH and is very popular among worker class.

This dice game Shoh is played using two dice which are shaken in a wooden bowl which is then upturned on a circular leather ‘plate’ with a loud thump and a shout. The score is kept using small cowries (comes from a Hindi word “कौड़ी” or “कौरी”).


.Men playing traditional game called Shoh.

One can also play it with small amount of money.
Minimum number of players are 2 and the maximum number is four.
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11 thoughts on “Shoh, a game from Sikkim

  1. MgicEye,
    It is. 🙂

    We could not fully understand the game. When I asked them, there was language barrier.

    After coming back I tried to find on the net but without any success. Whatever I could gather from them, including the name, is here. They did not tell me about wooden bowl or leather plate. It was me who looked at those things curiously and found out. 🙂

    I have taken a small video which will come as my next post. 🙂

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