Sneak peek into Tamil Nadu

About my recent solo backpacking trip. As I always maintain, my idea of travelling is not counting no. of places but the memories attached to them. Carrying a backpack, wandering, observing, uncertain about next destination (well, mostly) is my way of travel.

This time also it was not a temple trip. But since I was wandering mostly in temple cities of Tamil Nadu, plenty of them happened in between. I also went to craftsmen’s villages to see their art… some of them in dying stages. I chatted with the artists sitting in their mud huts, had coffee with them, saw the tough & harsh side of their lives. I also learnt various intricacies, ingredients and the proper way to do things…. their things.

Below is a glimpse of that trip. Not telling you the names of places. I have uploaded some more photos in Facebook and they’ll grow in number with time. Resizing & watermarking does take time.

Some of the temple sculptures i saw. This temple is made of yellow & black stones. Name it. 🙂

Piece by piece they have been carved & joined together…

They say, shadow of this temple never falls on ground. Can you tell me which temple is this?

Palace of Raja Chola, with wooden painted pillars & mirror work is a story in itself.

Molten brass is being filled in a mould.

Still under renovation, these sculptures looked beautiful in raw granite wall.

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22 thoughts on “Sneak peek into Tamil Nadu

  1. NRI,
    Welcome aboard.

    Well, I think it’s equally overlooked by Indians as well. 🙂

    Thanks for your visit, keep coming.

    Welcome home (???). 🙂

    Well, I am still not ok. The tests are going on and so is recovery. 🙂
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Video of Wedding garland =-.

  2. Nisha, I hope you are feeling better now. These were wonderful pictures. I have been to tanjavur long long back, Now this will be on my list. Get well soon
    .-= sudhir kumar´s last [post] ..Krimchi =-.

  3. Sudhir,
    I am almost fully recovered now. Thanks for all your wishes. Ididn’t have much time so would like to go there again.

    P N S,
    Yes, you are right for first 3 photos. Saw photos on your site, felt like I am still there. 🙂

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