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[I had mentally prepared to see three major landmarks in Amritsar before getting back. We reached Amritsar at 10:30 AM.]

The moment we got down, horde of rickshawalas and autowalas surrounded us to take us to hotels. New to the city, lack of direction and short on time forced us to take one rickshaw to one of the hotels from his list. Knowing well about the trap I asked him how much commission he gets. “Rs 20 for ordinary room and Rs 50 for an AC room” prompt came the reply.

Since we had to recover the lost time, we got into the first hotel rickshawala took us to. Very small and ordinary one from our standard. Also, because my motive was a budget travel, we wanted a very nominal room for a few hours. All I wanted was a place to have a quick shower, recharge our cell phones etc and dump our luggage there. I was even ready to bargain to give us for an hour and keep our bags in the reception. But neither PP nor the hotel people agree to my brilliant idea. 🙁

As luck would have it, only one small room was vacant, tariff being Rs 800. Very cheap  looking at the usage and as a first timer.

Later on we found out that there are many budget hotels near the Golden temple and the temple itself has a big dharamsala. No, no one from my family would have agreed to that sort at any cost. I decided next time I was not taking them. Anyone of you willing to join me ? Raise your hands.

The hotel was at a walking distance from the city bus depot. We went there and enquired about the various options available to go to Wagah border.

It was quite amusing to hear the combined words we kids used to speak at home. Till then I thought words such as sitto, eato (for sit, eat) were typical of Delhi but when at the inquiry I heard the gentleman saying ‘Jab sooraj astega‘ instead of ‘ jab sooraj ast hoga‘, I felt at home and smiled. 🙂 It is another thing that PP never agreed ‘astega‘ not being a proper word.

By the time we were ready with enquiry, a nice shower and a heavy breakfast it was past noon.

Stuffed Tandoori Paranthas with home made butter, unlimited curd, pickles and a cup of special masala chai. All for Rs 64/-. What else do you want to start your day ?

Amritsar is a very small city and the most common mode of transport is rickshaw and shared autorickshaw. In fact, now when I am trying to recollect, I did not see any single taxi. We took a rickshaw for Jalianwala bagh. Golden temple is again at a walking distance from it.

Tandoori = Cooked in Tandoor
Parantha = Flat bread
Masala = spice
Chai = Tea
Next stop:Jalianwala Bagh

8 thoughts on “Start of the Day

  1. Thali looking great! Mouth watering!! 🙂
    I always thought, in Punjab you get Makke ki Roti and Sarson ka saag most of the times.

  2. 🙂 Im feeling hungry..we were discussing this morning about the various ” Indian breads” and lo, I see your post..Merry Christmas

  3. Ah, these Punjabi parathas are always huge! Scenes of rickshaws crowding around when you exit the railway station used to be a common sight in most of North India. Autorickshaws came later… I wish we could modernize the ricks, so we don’t lose them altogether as cities grow larger and move to motorized vehicles.

  4. I had been to Amritsar on more than one occasion and once I stayed in Golden Temple dharamsala. We were about half a dozen of us. It was great to go for a walk in the night and see the Golden Temple in the Lights. Thank you.

  5. Mmmmmm. I’m hungry and I want some stuffed tandoor paranthas…like right now! that looks delicious…and just Rs 64/- …now this is why I miss India so very much.

  6. I raised my hand ! 🙂
    hehe sito se yaad aaya…i was talkin to my frnd day before and i wanted to say hum baithke… i ended up sayin hum sitke …
    we laughed soooo much!!
    paranthe dekh ke mujhe pilani ki yaad aa gayi 🙂

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