Stop cribbing, Bangaloreans!

Stop cribbing, Bangaloreans!
My trips to Bangalore are always intriguing. While some of the locals crib about the place for one reason or the other, the beautiful city of gardens, Benne dosa and filter coffee gets me hooked every time I visit it.

I have been to many, many cities and here are five reasons why I think Bangalore is better than any other metro city of India.

1. Greenery – It is not by chance the city has earned the moniker “Garden City”. The city indeed has trees lined up on both sides of almost all the streets, even smallest of them and it is not some new plantation drive by the present government. It’s been like this since my first visit many years ago. There are several parks and gardens, that are scattered around the city. Sure, urbanization has claimed some of the green patches, but it is still, by far the “greenest” city in India.

2. Weather – The moment I step in the city, what welcomes me is the weather. The locals still grumble about the ‘hot’ weather but believe me, no other city in India has better weather than Bangalore. If it is hot for three days in a row then you have some rains on the 4th day immediately cooling the place. It is like some super natural sensor that is in place, much like our room Aircon. 🙂

3. Dust-free – Go to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad. You’ll end up eating dust. You might argue that dust accumulates on your table in Bangalore too but here I am talking about the quantity. This is probably linked to the greenery. There are pockets, especially the new settlements, that have more dust because of construction activities but generally speaking, the amount of dust is much less.

4. Tech savvy – The fact that Bangalore is a tech savvy city is not unknown to anybody. The hub of IT industry in India has reasons to boast about it. New technology is quickly adopted for the convenience of its citizens. Never have I seen any where else, battery operated carts in the railway station selling their wares or transporting the senior citizens. Cant think of another place where you can order for a chauffeur for your car on line!

5. Cost of living – The cost of living is definitely less than Mumbai and Delhi if not from others. There might be particular instances of high prices, but in general it is 25 percent less expensive to eat, rent and clothe yourself. (Mumbai probably is the cheapest when it comes to public transportation).

It is possible that one or two of the above may be better in some of the other cities but when you consider all of the above in one place then Bangalore wins hands down.

Not for nothing Bangalore hosts the most expats! They travel to Bangalore and make it their home. It is obvious why the city is also called a retirement place.

If you think you can add few more points to my list, you are most welcome. 🙂
Do you want me to write the negatives as well? 😉

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18 thoughts on “Stop cribbing, Bangaloreans!”

  1. Please write the negatives..especially how travelling within Bangalore can make even the most nomadic traveller force to sit at home 😛

  2. I know you do not feel quite safe here and i have always wondered why? Now probably I think I can understand. Yes all the above you listed are perfectly correct. But come list the negatives, The traffic for one is unbearable.

  3. Next time u are in town . let me know will take u for a walk in the food street .Glimpse of an older Bangalore, one of ancient temples and bustling markets, lakes and parks, palaces and forts, gracious bungalows and leafy avenues.

  4. @Lakshmi,
    Ha ha … Yes, travelling within the city is difficult. And to write about negatives I need 5 points. 🙂

    Not safe? who said so? I never felt unsafe in Bangalore.

    Among the negatives, yes traffic is one of them.

  5. Great city to visit, but living there is another story. Plus the anti-Tamil sentiment is still very much alive, so I may never settle there. But hey, the food and greenery is great!

  6. Bangaloreans crib, I agree, I am one of them..Bangalore used to be a greener, cleaner and cooler city, I guess thats why.. Anyway, glad that you liked my hometown 🙂

  7. If there are pros then there must be cons. But I think I can understand your point of view. I guess these are in comparison to other metros. I have myself seen the quality of life being eroded in Bangalore. but I have also seen them being eroded in other metros as well and at a faster pace.

    I have myself lived or traveled extensively in most metros and can say that if you consider the categories of points mentioned above together I think I can only agree with you.

  8. Nisha, Glad you like my hometown! I love my city too! 🙂 Visiting and living are two different things in my opinion. I wonder why do some people think BLR is unsafe! Auto drivers are scary but they are scary every where!

  9. Dark Knight,
    I think every city has plus & minus points and here I am not talking about any people related sentiments so I guess it’s much better than other cities. 🙂

    How have you been? Long time.

  10. Arvi,
    Thanks for sharing your views on it. And that’s what I wanted to say! If Bangalore is going down then other metros are going down at a much faster speed.

  11. Kusum,
    I agree with you.

    I haven’t lived in Bangalore for longer period but I don’t come there as a tourist. I have bought fruits, vegetables and other sundry items. 🙂
    I can assure you Mumbai is at least 25%-30% more expensive.

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