Strange twin lakes near Nathula Pass

On going further up to Nathula Pass we come across these twin lakes just before the pass. They are very close to each other to be called twin lakes and when overflowing, water from upper lake travels to the lower one.

twin lakes

Two distinct colors.

Strangely the water in them is always of different colors. The upper lake has near black shade while the lower one is much lighter.
This is not the only difference.
When winter approaches, one (the upper lake) would freeze early while the other will still have flowing water for many more days. 🙂

twin lakes

Both shots are clicked from moving vehicle.

Obviously, there has to be some reason which we are not aware of. Any clue?

Note:- This information was provided by our local driver there and some people who have been there have confirmed it. I am not able to recollect the names of these lakes. (notepad misplaced). 🙂
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14 thoughts on “Strange twin lakes near Nathula Pass”

  1. this sounds incredible indeed. looks like the source for both the lakes may be different … or is it the presence of some kind of algae causing a temperature difference?

  2. What intriguing information!! I would be very curious to discover why there are these differences- considering the lakes are so close to one another.

  3. @Sandeep,
    Source may not be different since they are very close to each other and excess water from upper lake flows down to the lower one.

    But if you look closely (which I noticed just now) water of lower lake itself has 2 colours. Maybe it has something to do with those rocks?
    I wish I could have gone near the lakes to see. Pictures were taken from moving vehicle so can’t really say.

  4. @Mikaela,
    Thank you.
    Yes, it is possible.. very easy hike. But since we had time constraint, we didn’t.

    No. They are at different levels.

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