Taking it slow

Taking it slow … .. .

Life is a race… a race against time, a race against something and a race to leave others behind.
Seriously, is there any end to it? Do we have time to admire the beauty around us? Do we have time to see the Sunrise and Moonset?

I am glad that I am not a part of this race. I do not believe in number game.

Sunrise @lemonicks.com

I still wake up to these Sunrises.

Full moon setting @lemonicks.com

and to these moon sets, (I dislike that electric wire).

That said, we still have to do our job, pursue our passion.
Next week this time I’ll be somewhere else watching the same Sun & Moon playing with my moods. 😀

Note- These two photos are of the same time from two windows on full moon day… at one window the Sun was rising and at the other the Moon wanted to say Goodbye.

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18 thoughts on “Taking it slow

  1. Hi Nisha, you are very privileged in this lifetime as you are not governed by time and you can have it at your disposal. I am envious, but i can’t simply do that. So now i am following you and join you in your travels. But literally i would like to join you in person. I would like to go to Myanmar, i looked and you haven’t been there! See you.

  2. Only when I am traveling to take pictures…at home I am one lazy late riser. I am more of a Sunset kind of a guy.
    Though it is tough to tell from pics which one is which… 🙂

  3. Andrea,
    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    You are smart woman! Yes, I haven’t been to Myanmar and would love to go with you. 🙂

    You can also like my Facebook page for updates which don’t appear on my blog.

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