Traveling on rooftop

How many times have we come across the warnings ? How many times have we been told to avoid doing certain things ? But no, we being bravehearts, do not want to listen to those ‘lectures’.
We all know crossing unmanned railway tracks or traveling on rooftop of any vehicle, especially trains, is dangerous but still some of us do it. Some out of fun, some out of compulsion but what was this guy doing ?

This happened in India on a long distance train. Generally people travel on rooftop to save money on ticket.

Caution:- This video is NOT for weak hearted.

I could make out from the conversation that he was drunk and didn’t pay any heed to others who were trying to help him get down.

And the result ? He lost his precious life.

Sigh. Life is much more than getting drunk.

Link sent by Jeevan.

8 thoughts on “Traveling on rooftop

  1. o god! that was awful. i feel so shaken up….i know u warned but that competely shocked me.
    ur right….we dont realise the chance we take ignoring the simplest of warnings.

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