I am flying again !

Tomorrow early morning I am flying again for yet another international conference on an invite. But this time in India itself.
Yes, Kerala is an international destination and is very much capable of hosting an international conference. India’s first ever conference on travel technologies is taking place in Thiruvananthapuram from June 7-9, 2013. I am so looking forward to meet Sheila Scarborough again with whom I had shared the stage at Malaysia International Travel Blogger’s conference last year in Malaysia.

sunset at kovalam @lemonicks.com

Gorgeous sunset at Kovalam beach.

You can read the full news here. More on the conference later when I go there.

After the conference there will be a sightseeing tour. I am sure Kerala will be at its best with the arrival of monsoon.
So, see ya later with lots more pictures and stories.

Meanwhile I leave you with a sunset photo at Kovalam beach.
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5 thoughts on “I am flying again !

  1. Manish,

    I am having a great time here. Thank you very much. After the conference, we are now on a Kerala darshan tour. 😀

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